Biden announces new steps in response to Russian invasion Ukraine

In remarks made Thursday, the president outlined "further consequences for Moscow", including additional sanctions and export control.

Biden announces new steps in response to Russian invasion Ukraine

WASHINGTON -- Thursday's announcement by President Joe Biden was a harsh new round in sanctions against Russia. This came just hours after Moscow launched an attack on Ukraine. It plunged Europe into its worst security crisis since World War II.

Biden, speaking from the White House criticized President Vladimir Putin's "naked aggression" against Ukraine and promised to make the Russian leader "a paeh on the international stage."


Putin is the aggressor. Putin chose to wage war. Biden stated that Putin and his country would now bear the consequences.
Biden had been promoting a diplomatic solution for weeks, but the invasion changed his mind.

When asked by a reporter about the relationship between the two countries, he stated that "there is a complete breakdown right now in U.S.–Russian relations".

New sanctions have been placed on Russia to restrict exports of certain products from the U.S. To Moscow. This will prevent Moscow from acquiring semiconductor chips and other critical technology for defense, aerospace, and other critical sectors. Russian elites and banks with close ties are also targeted by the sanctions, which freeze all assets Russia has in America.

Biden also authorized U.S. troops to be deployed to Germany, and stated that NATO allies would hold a summit to "map out next steps". The president reiterated his resolve not to send American troops to Ukraine to fight Russia but added that the U.S. would protect its NATO allies in the event Russia advances beyond Ukraine.

Biden announced a first round of sanctions on Russia Tuesday after Putin sent troops into the Moscow-backed regions of the eastern part Ukraine. This was to discourage the Russian leader's attempt to invade large parts of Ukraine. Biden also warned that Russia would face more severe sanctions if Putin escalated the situation.

The announcement on Thursday did not cut Russia off from SWIFT, the Belgian financial messaging network that links over 11,000 financial institutions across more than 200 countries and territories. It also did not directly sanction Putin. Some financial experts viewed the move by the U.S. to remove Russia from SWIFT as a nuclear option. Others warned that it could have adverse effects on the global economy.

Biden stated that European allies opposed Russia being kicked off SWIFT. However, he argued that this week's sanctions were "more consequential" than the previous ones and suggested that they could revisit Russia's access SWIFT. Biden stated that sanctions against Putin were still possible.

On Thursday, Moscow launched a large-scale attack against Ukraine. It bombed cities and infrastructure in the country as Russian troops tried to advance towards Kyiv. Oksana Markarova (the Ukrainian Ambassador to America) stated that many civilians from Ukraine have been killed.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the Ukrainian president, called for Ukrainians to arm themselves in defense. Defense minister Volodymyr Zelenskyy also announced that all veterans and volunteers would receive small arms.

Biden is determined not to send U.S. forces to Ukraine to defeat Russia, and heavily relies on sanctions to punish Moscow.

Biden encouraged Americans to be patient with the sanctions and said that it would take time to "weaken Russia". Biden warned Americans that they could experience some economic pain due to the invasion. However, he said that the effects would be temporary.

President Obama stated that his administration is taking action to ensure that gas prices do not rise further and cautioned oil and gas companies against using this moment to increase prices. Biden stated that the U.S. would tap into its crude oil when necessary.

"I will do all I can to reduce the suffering Americans feel at the pump. This is important to me. Biden stated that this aggression can't be ignored.

"America stands up against bullies"

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