Biden attributes oil prices to the Ukraine war; credits Democrats with improving economy

The president addressed the House Democrats in Philadelphia as they struggle with voter anxiety over inflation and high gas prices ahead of a difficult election.

Biden attributes oil prices to the Ukraine war; credits Democrats with improving economy

PHILADELPHIA -- On Friday, President Joe Biden stated to House Democrats gathered here that 2022 "may prove to be the most important off year election in modern-day history." He gave credit to his party for improving the economy and denied responsibility for rising gas prices.

Biden was given a standing ovation by his party at a retreat and thanked the Democrats for passing the $1.5 trillion government financing bill this Week. This includes aid to Ukraine in Russia’s escalating conflict.

"Democrats weren't responsible for this problem. Vladimir Putin was responsible," Biden stated of the Russian president. "Putin’s gas tax has driven prices higher," Biden said.

Biden praised the $1.9 trillion Covid relief package and economic stimulus package for the anniversary of its enactment. Biden stated that 6.7 million jobs were created last year, more than any time in American history. He also pointed out a 3.8 percent unemployment rate and the "best economic growth" in the past four decades.

"We did it all alone. He said that he did it without one Republican vote. "It wasn't the Democrats, it was you that brought us back.

As Democratic lawmakers face severe political headwinds, the president spoke to them. This is as Republicans attempt to take control of Congress by leveraging voter anger.

The president stated Friday that if Republicans vote for it, the only thing he'll have is the veto pen.

The conflicting views of Democrats over the best path to preserve their small majority are driving causes for concern. Some believe that lawmakers should communicate better, highlight their victories, and be more focused on bipartisan opportunities. Others argue that this is not enough and that Democrats need to win more policy victories to improve people's lives. This includes salvaging parts from Biden's Build back Better Act.

Biden stated that the true reason why prices are so high in America -- "notwithstanding the Republicans' claims" -- was twofold. Covid's disruptions of supply chains and Putin's war on Ukraine were the causes. He said, "Make no mistake about it, inflation is largely Putin's fault."

Biden stated that his administration has tried to promote domestic energy, while also trying to balance it by taking steps to increase clean energy and combat climate change.

He also praised bipartisan infrastructure legislation and lamented the attacks on the few House Republicans that backed it. Biden spoke of Senator McConnell as a supporter, saying, "Even Mitch McConnell for God's Sake," referring to the Senate minority leader.

He stated that the law will also provide rural broadband, so mothers won't need to "pull into McDonald's parking lot for internet access."

Biden spoke out about his plans to deliver a "crushing blow to Russia" as he seeks tightening the grip on Putin. Biden declared that Russia would no longer be allowed to import vodka, diamonds, and seafood from the United States.

He said that Ukraine would have the weapons necessary to defend itself against an invading Russian force. However, he added that he will not be fighting a third world war in Ukraine.

Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House, introduced Donald Trump and said that Democrats have "our democracy" on the ballot. She cited the Republican National Committee's use "legitimate Political Discourse" to describe the attack on the Capitol by a mob led by then-President Donald Trump's supporters on Jan. 6, 2021.

She stated that Democrats should now allow "Republicans to have their way in suppressing vote and nullifying election."

Biden's remarks were followed by a closed-door question-and-answer session.

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