Bill Maher warns Virginia Dems: McAuliffe could lose election over schools issue because 'parents vote'

The HBO star said 'what's going on in the schools' was going to be 'the issue' in future elections

Bill Maher warns Virginia Dems: McAuliffe could lose election over schools issue because 'parents vote'

Bill Maher, "Real Time", hosted Friday's alarm about the Bill Maher governoral election next week. This could be the first time Republicans have won since 2009.

Maher opened the panel discussion by saying that Terry McAuliffe, the Democratic nominee for Virginia, "should walk away" with the nomination. President Biden won Virginia by 10 votes and McAuliffe was the commonwealth governor from 2014-2018.

Maher said that the race is now "neck-and-neck" with Glenn Youngkin, the GOP challenger, over an issue Maher reminded viewers of warnings about previously.

Maher stated, "I said it months and months back that the issue in the coming elections will be what's happening in the schools." "Parents vote, and they don’t like the schools. They feel they are losing control, and this is what became the issue in this election.

"Parents vote, and they don’t like the way things are going in schools. They feel they are losing control.

-- Bill Maher

Trust me, this election is going to be a big barometer-type election. If Terry McAuliffe loses people will understand that he was a 'Yes. That's correct. It will be about that," Maher said.

Bill Maher, left claims that he warned Friday that school issues could play a significant role in upcoming elections. This includes next week's Virginia gubernatorial race between Republican Glenn Youngkin and Terry McAuliffe (center). ( )

McAuliffe was then attacked by the HBO star. McAuliffe said that McAuliffe's famous debate remark, in which he stated, "I'm going to not let parents enter schools and actually take out books and make their own decision." "I don't believe parents should tell schools what they should be teaching."

Maher called McAuliffe's comment an "applause line", but it was not intended for parents.

Before Maher reacted to his guest, U.S. Senator Chris Coons (D-Del.), Maher said, "Just on an political level, please me." "Very stupid," you say? Very stupid.

Maher stressed later that "critical race theory" must be defined because everyone hears it.

Caitlin Flanagan, Atlantic staff writer, responded that the ideology of critical-race theory can be taught. However, "what you cannot do is set school policy by the findings from critical race theory."

"You cannot rewrite a curriculum. You can't treat children like you are pulling them apart by their race or giving them different messages. That's not what you can do. Flanagan said that it is happening.

"You can't treat children like you are pulling them apart by race and giving different messages to them."

-- Caitlin Flanagan (The Atlantic)

Caitlin Flanagan. (The Atlantic).

"If that's what critic race theory means, it means segregating 5-year-olds by their race and telling them you're oppressors while the rest are the oppressed. I'm ready to give up on a colorblind society. Resegregation and racism are the essence of America. Maher stated, "I'm out on this." "But I'm in Toni Morrison, and I'm in to acknowledging that racism still persists."

Virginia Democrat Terry McAuliffe and Republican challenger Glenn Youngkin debate in Grundy (Virginia), Sept. 16, 2021. (Associated Press).

Flanagan, who stated that she is a "Democrat," railed at McAuliffe for being a "hack politician", who is "siding alongside the teachers union" since "that's where he gets his bread buttered."

Flanagan stated that he was a wealthy man who sent his children to private schools. He has never had anyone tell him, "We're gonna tell our 8-year old child something you don’t want her to learn and we'll keep her for seven hours and you have no control over it. It's a huge issue, and Democrats will lose it if he loses it. Learn! Learn!

Updated Date: 31 October 2021, 15:40

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