Blinken claims NATO countries have given their "green light" for sending fighter jets to Ukraine

Washington -Secretary to State Antony Blinken stated Sunday that NATO members are authorized to send fighter planes to Ukraine.

Blinken claims NATO countries have given their "green light" for sending fighter jets to Ukraine

This is in continuation of the U.S.'s efforts to assist Ukraine against Russian invasion.

When asked if the Polish government could send fighter jets to Ukraine, Blinken replied, "That gets a green light." "In fact, they're currently talking to their Polish friends about what we might do to support their needs if they decide to supply these fighter jets for the Ukrainians. What can we do to help? What can we do to help them get the right amount of fuel to fill the planes they're handing over to the Ukrainians?
CBS News was informed by a spokesperson for the White House that the Biden Administration is reviewing the capabilities it has to provide to backfill planes to Poland in the event it decides to transfer planes from Ukraine to Poland. However, there are many questions about the decision to do so.

Oksana Markarova is Ukraine's ambassador to the U.S. stated that she hopes Ukraine will get fighter jets from Poland "as quickly as possible".

She stated that she was working with American friends and allies to ensure that there is a steady supply of ammunition, anti-air, antitank, and planes in order to defend the country effectively.

The invasion by Russia of Ukraine has generated worldwide support for the Ukrainian people, as well as a united response from Western countries. As part of their efforts to isolate the country from the global financial system, the U.S. and its European allies provided humanitarian and military aid to Ukraine. They also imposed severe sanctions on Russia's largest financial institutions, Russian oligarchs, and top Russian officials, including President Vladimir Putin and Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. On Saturday, Putin said that the sanctions were "like a war."

Blinken was in eastern Europe to meet with U.S. allies and said that NATO countries as well as members of the Group of 7 were "working together" in order to increase pressure on Russia. Additional sanctions will also be implemented in the next days.

The secretary of state stated that the sanctions had already caused severe damage. The ruble is currently in freefall. Their stock market has been shut down for nearly a week. Russia is experiencing a recession. Companies fleeing Russia are making it difficult for consumers to purchase basic products, which is having a huge impact on the economy.

Blinken said that Putin is "doubling-down and digging in" on his aggression against Ukraine.

He said, "I think we need to be prepared, unfortunately and tragically, that this will continue for some time."

Markarova stated that Ukraine is grateful to the West for its support, but added that the international community must respond faster because the Russians "escalating their attacks".

She stated, "It's obvious after 11 days that it also needs all of us to speed up," She continued that Ukraine did not provoke an attack by Russia.

She stated that Russia was not a threat to her unless she is peaceful democracy. If it is, then it doesn't just concern Ukraine. Then Europe and the entire world are not safe.

Volodymyr Zelensky , the Ukrainian President, participated in a Zoom Call with U.S. legislators on Saturday. During which he asked them to provide their country with military planes as well as impose an oil embargo on Russia. He warned that this could be his last time with them, repeating the warning he gave European leaders.

When asked if the U.S. has a plan for support to the Ukrainian government in case Zelensky was killed, Blinken gave praises to his leadership and said that Ukrainian officials are ready.

He said that the Ukrainians had plans in place that he wouldn't talk about. Let me just leave it at that.

The secretary of State was firm in his belief that the Ukrainians would prevail, even if Russia's war on Ukraine continues for months.

"Winning a fight is not the same as winning a war. He said that capturing the heart and mind of Ukrainians is different from taking the city. "They have shown extraordinary courage that they won't be subjugated by Vladimir Putin and remain under Russia's control. It will happen, no matter how long it takes. The question is: Can we make it end sooner than expected and with less suffering moving forward? This is the challenge.


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