Blockades are over, but Trudeau states that emergency powers are needed

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stated Monday that emergency powers were still required despite the end of border blockades and occupation of Canada's capital by truckers, angry about Canada's COVID-19 regulations.

Blockades are over, but Trudeau states that emergency powers are needed

Trudeau stated that the situation was still fragile and that the state of emergency remains in place.

Members of Parliament will vote Monday night on whether police can continue using emergency powers. Jagmeet Singh, leader of the Opposition New Democratic Party said that his party would support it. Trudeau must have enough votes.

Trudeau pointed out that there are truckers just outside Ottawa who may be planning more blockades. His public safety minister also noted that there had been an attempt to block a crossing into British Columbia.

Authorities can declare areas no-go zones using the emergencies act. This allows police to seize truckers' bank accounts and compels them to tow trucks away from their vehicles.

According to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, those who had their bank accounts frozen were "influencers" in the illegal protest in Ottawa and owners/drivers of vehicles who refused to leave the region. "

Finance Minister Chrystia Freiland stated that anyone who is affected can have their accounts unfrozen by following an easy procedure: "Stop being part of the blockade," she said.

Marco Mendicino, Public Safety Minister, said that allowing police officers to make Ottawa's downtown a no go zone was particularly effective. There are still about 100 police checkpoints.

Mendicino stated that they saw calm, peace, and quiet.

Singh, an opposition leader of the New Democratic party, stated that they are aware there are demonstrators in Ottawa's surrounding areas and the capital.

Singh also mentioned that there have been convoys intercepted.

Singh stated, "This is an attack against our democracy. This group of people are very clearly connected with the extreme right-wing." "

Trucker protests grew to the point that it closed several Canada-U.S. border points and shut down key areas of the capital for over three weeks.

However, all border blockades have ended and the streets surrounding the Canadian Parliament have remained quiet. There is still a large police presence in Ottawa and some areas have been fenced off.

Protests first targeted a COVID-19 mandate for cross-border truckers, but also included fury at the COVID-19 restrictions, and hatred of Trudeau.

The self-described Freedom Convoy shaken Canada's reputation for civility and inspired convoys to France, New Zealand, and the Netherlands. A parade that was both protest and carnival eventually saw hundreds of trucks occupy the streets surrounding Parliament.

For nearly a week, the most important U.S.-Canada border crossing was closed. The Ambassador Bridge, which connects Windsor, Ontario, and Detroit, saw more than 25% trade.

While authorities attempted to reopen border posts, Ottawa police did not issue any warnings. Hundreds and sometimes thousands of protestors blocked the streets and besieged Parliament Hill.

The largest police operation in Canadian History was launched on Friday. It involved the arrest of a number of Ottawa protestors and increased the pressure on Saturday. As the pressure increased, many protestors fled.

Trudeau claimed that people in Ottawa were being harassed for several weeks. He also said that billions in trade were being stalled because of the border blockades. This could put people's jobs in danger.

Protesters have been cheered by Fox News personalities, conservatives like former U.S. president Donald Trump. Millions in donations have crossed the border to support the protesters.

Trudeau stated that Canada was being flooded with misinformation and disinformation, even from abroad.

"After Canada's democratic system was destabilized by illegal occupations and blockades, it became apparent that the local and provincial authorities required more tools to restore order. "


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