Boris Johnson: The world reacts to the resignation of the UK PM

Boris Johnson, the outgoing UK Prime Minister, has been attacked by the Kremlin in Moscow.

Boris Johnson: The world reacts to the resignation of the UK PM

Boris Johnson, the outgoing UK Prime Minister, has been attacked by the Kremlin in Moscow. Johnson has overseen British support for Ukraine's fight against Russia's invading forces.

Dmitry Peskov, President Putin's spokesperson, said that Johnson "really doesn't like us - we [do] not like] him too".

He stated that he wanted to see more professionals in London who can "make decisions through dialog"

Maria Zakharova, Russian foreign minister spokeswoman, told reporters that Mr Johnson was "hit by boomerang launched himself", and that Russia's moral of the tale was "don't seek to destroy Russia".

According to AFP news agency, Ukraine took the opposite approach: The president thanked him for his support during "the most difficult times".

After he had announced his resignation on Thursday, President Volodymyr Zilensky called the prime Minister. Officials from Kyiv claim that the Ukrainian leader was shocked to hear the news.

He said, "Not just me, but all of Ukrainian society that sympathises with your a lot," and thanked him for his "decisive actions" to help Ukraine.

Since the beginning of the war, the pair have been in close contact. Dmytro Kuleba (Kyiv's foreign Minister) also spoke highly of the UK's outgoing prime minster in a statement, saying: "We will always recall his visit to Ukraine in April's still dark hour. Johnson is a man without fear and willing to take risks for the cause that he believes in.

Washington: President Joe Biden spoke out in Washington, extolling the strength and endurance the "special relationship” between the US, UK. He did not mention Boris Johnson or his legacy.

The US president said that he looked forward to continuing his close cooperation with the United Kingdom government, as well our allies, partners, and the world on a variety of important priorities.

However, the Russian officials weren't the only ones criticizing Johnson. Many also noted the tensions Johnson had with international partners after the UK's vote for Brexit. Johnson championed the European Union and saw it through.

Guy Verhofstadt was the former Brexit coordinator for the European Parliament. He stated that Johnson's decision to leave the EU had a huge impact on EU-UK relations and added that his reign was ending with "disgrace" just like his friend Donald Trump.

Michel Barnier, former chief negotiator of the EU, stated that Johnson's departure "opens up a new chapter in relations with the UK" - one he hopes will be more constructive, more respectful and friendly to the UK's commitments, especially regarding peace and stability in Northern Ireland.

Micheal Martin, the Irish Prime Minister, saw the resignation as an opportunity to reset relations with the UK. In an official statement, he acknowledged that he did not always agree with Johnson and said relations between the two countries had been "strained" and "challenged in recent years."

"We now have the opportunity to return to the true spirit partnership and mutual respect required to support the Good Friday Agreement's gains."

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