Brigitte Macron's chief of staff on departure

A small turn and then goes away

Brigitte Macron's chief of staff on departure

A small turn and then goes away. Jean Spiri, Brigitte Macron's chief of staff, should soon leave the Élysée, only three months after his arrival, according to information revealed by Le Monde. In question, the night of March 14 to 15, during which he found himself in a state of acute alcoholism, according to the police. It is this "blackout" of which he said he was a victim, on the eve of the triggering of 49.3 to pass the pension reform, which would be at the origin of this departure.

That evening, the adviser fell ill in front of the British Embassy, ​​rue du Faubourg-Saint-Honoré, after having spent a convivial moment in a bar on the Place des Saussaies, not far from the Elysee. After a visit to the Lariboisière hospital, he was able to return to his home around 5 a.m. He says he has no memory of this nocturnal trip, due to an amnesic manifestation (and not alcohol). He evokes on Twitter "sickening rumors", partly refuting the information reported by the evening newspaper. “Today is about my life and my health. I won't let anyone destroy me. My complete medical records demonstrate that these allegations are unfounded,” he wrote.

The reaction of the Elysée was not long in coming. The next day, his hierarchy "claims accounts" from Jean Spiri. "Yes, I am in a state of anxiety, stress and fatigue", says, on a daily basis, this close friend of Xavier Bertrand. "The Élysée is a terrible house where, alas, all the rumors run...", he regrets. For a month, he moved away from Paris in order to take some rest. He also said he's had "a lot of stressful jobs" in recent years, but no one around him has seen the warning signs.

This former publisher admits to being "perhaps, more made for books". He had left politics and this position "was an opportunity to return to it". But he says he's not sure he "wants to go back to the same stress again." So he started looking for a "new job" and would like to "quickly turn the page".