California: 37,000 people on the west Coast must flee from forest fires

A forest fire is spreading in Northern California. So far, two people have been killed, nine are missing, about 500 buildings have been destroyed.

California: 37,000 people on the west Coast must flee from forest fires

In Norrn California, a forest fire spread to an area of 328 square kilometres and destroyed at least 500 buildings. Two firefighters died, nine people are missing, reported US television station CBS. There is an evacuation order for 37,000 people.

The fire is only five percent curbed and threatens anor 5,000 apartments. In particular, 90,000 inhabitants of Redding are affected by flames: On film footage it is seen how entire districts have burned down completely. There are only a few houses left of village of Keswick.

The state on west coast of United States also has large forest fires near Yosemite National Park and Palm Springs. More than 7,000 firefighters are fighting flames. According to fire chief Ken Pimlott, strong winds have repeatedly caused fires. The fires struck tens of thousands of people fleeing.

Last October, more than 40 people died in a forest fire series in Norrn California. At that time 100,000 people were fleeing fires. It was estimated that more than 9,000 buildings were destroyed at that time.

Date Of Update: 29 July 2018, 12:00

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