Canada: Second fatality after assassination in Toronto

After a man shot himself in a busy neighborhood in Toronto, a second person died. So far, it's unclear how the assassin died.

Canada: Second fatality after assassination in Toronto

In Toronto, a second person died in aftermath of gunshot wounds after a man shot at center of city. The incident on Sunday evening also killed a young woman and assailant. On Monday, police spokeswoman Meaghan Gray confessed that re was a second death toll. Twelve more people were injured. The chief of Police of Canadian metropolis, Mark Saunders, did not shut down a terrorist Tathintergrund.

The incident occurred in bustling district of Greektown with numerous cafes and restaurants. Video footage of a witness showed how a man in black clos and a black hat quickly goes on sidewalk and fires three shots at at least one restaurant. The police are looking for furr recordings and called on Witnesses to report.

The officials located 29-year-old offender, according to ir own data, about three blocks from Tatgeschehen and opened fire. The man had fled and was found dead on Danforth Avenue. It was not clear at first wher perpetrator shot himself or died by police bullets. A special unit should now find out how man died and wher re have been misconduct on part of police.

"Toronto has a firearms problem"

Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wrote on Twitter that he was thinking of victims of "tragedy that took place last night on Danforth Avenue." The Mayor of Toronto, John Tory, also spoke of a tragedy. He called on population of city to rest and advised her to wait for results of investigation and refrain from speculation about Tatmotiv. The act shows that Toronto has a firearms problem, he said to journalists. Too many people would have too easy access to firearms.

The Toronto police had only released last week a plan to reduce shot Waffengewalt. Among or things, around 200 additional police officers are to be hired, who are to patrol in particularly unstable parts of city in evening and at night.

Violence by firearms is a major problem in US neighbouring country than in Canada. However, in Toronto, largest Canadian city, this year already had more than 200 shootouts, about two dozen of m ended deadly.

Date Of Update: 24 July 2018, 12:02

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