Chemnitz: Jung versus old, old versus young

Thousands of chemnitzers went to the streets again against other chemnitzers. The ditch between left and right is also one between young and old.

Chemnitz: Jung versus old, old versus young
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    This time it's not more, it's less. On Monday y stood before 65,000 people on stage on square in front of St. John's Church and opened concert wirsindmehr with a loud, anti-fascist speech before artists such as Trettmann, fine cream fish fillet and dead trousers appeared. Today, this early Friday evening, follow demonstration of Alliance Chemnitz Nazifrei about 1,000 people. They meet in square in front of Stadthalle. The sky is blue, surrounding houses are bright grey. The mood is solved. You sit on floor, share buns and lemonade. As if after all se days something like routine had ceased.

    It is – as on Monday – especially young people in ir twenties in hooded sweaters and windbreakers who want to oppose lift of right-wing populist movement per Chemnitz. She gared at same time in front of Karl Marx monument on or side of street. Parties like Alliance 90/The Greens, which had shown great presence last Saturday and Monday, are missing. "Be loud, we are little," call organizers into microphone. Neverless, 1,000 people, mobilized in not even 24 hours, are very much for Chemnitz.

    wirsindmehr-» I am once again proud to be a Chemnitzer «Runa was born in Chemnitz, Max travelled from Berlin, and Hamid fled from Afghanistan 20 years ago. How do you experience rights attacks and solidarity? A video report © Photo: Laskhmi Sarah

    A Palestinian fugitive with short black hair and blue shirt steps in front of demonstrators. He says, "If someone guarantees me that I don't have to die when I go back home, I'm ready to pack my things in half an hour." And, "Migration is not mor of all problems. Politics is mor of all problematic migration. " Applause, long and loud.  That is what this is all about: solidarity with those who are afraid of right-wing extremism in Chemnitz se days.

    "We are Democrats"

    A few meters behind speaker is police and blocks view of opposite side. It is used with a large contingent, controls personalities and has separated both meeting places with lattices. There should be no clashes this time. This time you are prepared, less tense, more polite, faster.

    In front of Karl-Max-Monument, on whose pedestal still poster with inscription "Chemnitz is neir grey nor brown" sticks, in course of evening around 2,350 people gared behind pro Chemnitz. Including two women at end of forty in colourful linen dresses and even more colourful scarves. At first moment, you think two of you would have strayed, accidentally landed on wrong side. They do not match old gentlemen in beige and or women with grim faces. And certainly not to rockers and neo-Nazis.

    But appearance is deceptive. You know very well where you stand and why. The smaller of two tells that she herself was married to an Arab man, has Muslims in her circle of acquaintances, helped repeatedly to escape and accompanied her to office. But violence must finally stop. The foreign criminals and offenders would have to be deported at last, " penal law will also apply".

    It does not want to believe that under Pro Chemnitz last Saturday right-wing slogans were called and Hitler's greetings were shown. Her girlfriend was here because she lost faith in state of law and Angela Merkel. That unites m with rest. "Merkel must be gone" will be loudest battle cry of this protest.

    Before train sets in motion, spokesman for Pro Chemnitz warns demonstrators not to attack journalists. Moreover, fascists and "right-arm lifters" are not tolerated here. "If you've stopped at 1945, that's okay, but n you're not right here. We want to tackle problems 2018. We're Democrats, "he shouts. SPD voters and Greens are also welcome. It is an attempt to push itself into midst of society. It becomes even more absurd when crowd begins to shout "We are more" than it does to message of opposite side.

    Date Of Update: 09 September 2018, 12:00

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