Chemnitz: Thousands of people demonstrate peacefully

Both followers of 34;P ro Chemnitz 34; as well as 34; Chemnitz Nazifrei 34; went to the streets again. The police separated the demos, riots stopped.

Chemnitz: Thousands of people demonstrate peacefully

Almost two weeks after start of protests and xenophobic attacks, thousands of demonstrators have gared in Chemnitz. To a lift of right movement "pro Chemnitz" arrived on Friday night according to police about 2,350 participants. The number of demonstrators at "Chemnitz Nazifrei" Alliance was a police spokeswoman with 1,000. The situation was "almost trouble-free". The police have registered six violations of ban ban. No one was injured.

Parallel to demonstrations, city's cultural enterprises hosted an open-air concert with Beethoven's 9th Symphony. They wanted to put a sign against xenophobia, agitation and violence. The 4,500 seats on atre square were completely filled. There were several hundred people on edge.

The participants of "Pro Chemnitz" demo chanted time and again "We are people" and "This is our city". With se calls, people had already gone to streets, after a 35 year old German was stabbed on edge of town festival two weeks ago. Three men from Syria and Iraq are considered tatverdächtig. Among first demos, hooligan groups had been mobilized.

Chemnitz-» Pro Chemnitz «Protests again about 2,500 people took part in a demonstration of right-wing populist association. The police were in operation with a large contingent. © PHOTO: Reuters TV

The police separated two meetings with bars on Friday night. Officials from six federal states as well as Federal police were in action to support Saxon police. A police helicopter circled over city.

A spokesman at demonstration of alliance "Chemnitz Nazifrei" said that it is now a matter of showing that anti-fascism and anti-racism are not just an event. On Monday, 65,000 people had come to "wirsindmehr" concert against extreme right violence according to city.

Donations were collected during concert. A good 22,000 euro was gared, as organizers said. The money is to be handed over to family of killed 35-year-old. The or half go equally to "Chemnitz Nazifrei" Alliance and Victim counseling "RAA Saxony".

Companies speak out against Fremdenfeindichkeit

Meanwhile, German top managers have also taken a position against right-wing extremism. "We beobachtendiese riots with concern," said Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche to Spiegel with a view to events in Chemnitz: "Everyone is called to face radicalization, because this has never been a viable lösungengeführt." Allianz SE also "condemns experience of violence towards foreign, dasstumpfeistic ideas, which goes hand in hand with use of nationalsozialistischerGesten and symbols", as chief Executive officer Oliver Bäte said. "We don't think of defame of a whole region with shrill Ettikettierungen," he added. VieleChemnitzer would have demonstrated peacefully.

Date Of Update: 08 September 2018, 12:00

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