Childcare: Thousands demonstrate in Berlin for more daycare places

Higher salary for educators and better working conditions: Thousands of people went to the streets for this. Because not only Berlin is lacking in Kita places.

Childcare: Thousands demonstrate in Berlin for more daycare places

Several thousand people have gone to streets in Berlin for more Kita places. "Registered were 1,800 people, but re are now much more," said a police spokesman during meeting. The organizers estimated number of participants at end of rally at 3,500. The march moved from Friedrichstraße station towards Brandenburg Gate. Many families with children participated in demonstration with posters. Representatives of Education and Science Unions (WT) and Ver. Di also support action.

One reason for missing Kita places is lack of educators. That is why parents ' Alliance Kitakrise Berlin, which had called for protest march, calls for immediate increases in salaries, better working conditions and offers for furr training. In addition, parents demand more state support for Kita construction and a central Kita place search system that relieves parents and daycare centers.

The Berlin Senate had announced more staff last year. This is to be implemented quickly. Thus red-red-green Senate wants to create 25,000 new daycare places until 2021. However, this will not suffice. In Berlin number of Kita places offered has grown steadily and is currently at about 170,000. However, city grows annually by several thousand inhabitants, including many families. In addition, number of births in Berlin in last two years was at a record level of 41,000. Today, according to Senate administration, 220,000 children live in city, 50,000 more than y were ten years ago.

But not only Berlin is affected by lack of Kita places. According to a study by Institute of German Economy in Cologne (IW) from last year, nationwide 300,000 Kita places are missing. The biggest deficiency is in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Since 2013, Germany also has a legal right to childcare for children aged one to three years. The n grand coalition with n family Minister Ursula von Leyen (CDU) had already decided that in 2008.

Date Of Update: 27 May 2018, 12:47

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