Cologne: Ricin-suspicious planned stop in a busy place

According to the federal prosecutor's office, the Tunisians arrested in Cologne wanted to detonate a ricin-prepared splinter load. Two possible helpers were arrested in Tunisia.

Cologne: Ricin-suspicious planned stop in a busy place

According to federal prosecutor's office, Tunisians arrested in Cologne had planned an attack with highly toxic ricin in Germany. Sief Allah H. Had "in a closed and busy place" to detonate an explosive device with a ricin-prepared splinter load, authority told. It is not known wher H., which was detained in Cologne on 12 June, had already envisaged a concrete objective.

Security authorities had become aware of man for conspicuous internet purchases. Among or things, he had bought castor seeds and an electric coffee mill at an internet Versandhändler 1,000. "At beginning of June 2018, accused put his plan to work and successfully ricin," federal prosecutor shared. "This could be ensured by accused." Until now it was unclear wher suspect actually wanted to commit a Islamist motivated attack.

According to General Bundesanwaltschaft, Sief Allah H. Toger with his wife wanted to travel to dominion of "Islamic State" (IS) in Syria. After two unsuccessful attempts to leave, he had in September and October 2017 on social media contact to fighters of is recorded. They should have proposed to him to commit a stop against "infidels" in Germany. As a result, Sief Allah H. Dealt with possibility of such a project. The arrest warrant was refore extended from initial suspicion of urgent suspicion of preparation of a severe state-threatening crime.

In Tunisia, two suspected accomplices have been arrested by Sief Allah H. As Ministry of Interior in Tunis shared, two suspects had connections with him. One of suspects should have agreed with H. To carry out bomb attacks in Germany and Tunisia at same time. The second accused should have prepared a forged passport for his compatriot living in Cologne to allow him to flee to or European countries.

Date Of Update: 04 August 2018, 12:00

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