Cologne: Suspicious Tunisians had contact with Islamists

The BKA has investigated the castor poison found in a suspect in Cologne. There is no concrete suspicion of terrorism, nor is there any specific plan for attack.

Cologne: Suspicious Tunisians had contact with Islamists

According to federal prosecutor's Office, Tunisian, who is said to have produced highly toxic ricin in his Cologne apartment, was in contact with people from radical Islamist spectrum. As authority has communicated, its communication is evaluated. Wher his contact persons were members of a terrorist group is currently being investigated. The man had been detained in Cologne, and arrest warrant was issued.

The investigators ' previous findings suggest that accused had considered producing an explosive device. The extent to which he has come to implement his project is subject of investigation.

During a search, investigators found a total of 3,150 castor seeds as well as 84.3 milligrams of ricin. Ricin is one of biological weapons and is subject to War Weapons Control Act. The Castor seeds referred man to previous findings on Internet Versandhandel. Where, is not yet determined.

In addition, 250 metal balls were found, two bottles of Acetonhaltiger nail polish remover, wires with soldered light bulbs and a grey powder.

There have been concrete preparations for construction of a biobomb, and BKA president Holger Münch had said to RBB Inforadio. This is a unique process in Germany. The arrested had oriented himself to building instructions from Internet – obviously "also from Islamist organizations," said Münch. What Tatziel man has planned, however, is not known yet. The federal prosecutor's office now said that investigation had "no evidence of any concrete plans for attack". According to assumptions of President of Constitution, Hans-Georg Maaßen, man "most likely" planned a terrorist attack.

"The ' Islamic State ' is very weakened"

In this case, Münch praised cooperation of security authorities – both nationally and internationally. The Federal Office for Protection of Constitution had received information from a foreign partner service. Policemen took man to his apartment on Tuesday last week. He is now in custody for violating War Weapons Control Act.

The BKA continues to take care of high number of radicalized individuals, Münch said. "The big planned attack, as we have seen in Paris and Brussels, we now think is less likely." This was mainly due to fact that so-called "Islamic State" was very weakened. Currently, 770 people are classified as endangered by German authorities.

Date Of Update: 21 June 2018, 12:02

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