Commitment to arms deliveries: Scholz: brute force must not prevail

Chancellor Scholz said at Catholic Day that Putin shouldn't get away with his "cynical, inhumane war.

Commitment to arms deliveries: Scholz: brute force must not prevail

Chancellor Scholz said at Catholic Day that Putin shouldn't get away with his "cynical, inhumane war." This is directed not only against Ukraine, but also against the "never again" peace credo. When an activist storms the stage, Scholz rebukes him.

At the Catholic Day in Stuttgart, Chancellor Olaf Scholz emphasized that Germany is obliged to support Ukraine. "We have decided to help the victims of this war of aggression," said Scholz in a speech at the church festival. Putin must not get away with his "cynical, inhumane war." Therefore there are tough sanctions against Russia as well as humanitarian, economic and financial support for Ukraine. "And therefore also the delivery of weapons to such a war zone - something that we have never done as a Federal Republic."

This raises politically, ethically and personally difficult questions and must be discussed. His position on this is clear, Scholz emphasized: "We have decided to help the victims of this war of aggression so that injustice does not triumph over right, so that brute force does not prevail as a means of politics." Peace does not come from violent submission. Ultimately, it is also a "principle of solidarity with the weaker," emphasized Scholz.

The war is not only directed against Ukraine, but generally against the values ​​of western democracy. "Putin's war is directed against a peace order that arose from the commitment 'Never again' after two devastating world wars. He wants to go back to the law of the strongest." Under no circumstances should this be allowed.

In the debate about the planned special fund of 100 billion euros for the Bundeswehr, Scholz was confident that this would soon be a thing. The coalition is still in talks with the opposition. The special fund requires an amendment to the Basic Law, and "I am quite confident that this will succeed," said the Federal Chancellor at the panel discussion at the Catholic Day.

In connection with the impending hunger crisis, Scholz spoke of a "Putinian narrative" that had to be refuted. "He found a way of saying it. He always talks about us as the global West," said Scholz. By that, Putin means his enemies, against whom he wants to ally himself with all other countries. "At the same time, he tries to blame those who are supporting Ukraine for the hunger crisis that the war he instigated is triggering," said Scholz. It is therefore important to face the countries of the Global South on an equal footing.

With a view to the extensive granting of Chinese loans to poorer countries, especially in Africa, Scholz warned of a global economic and financial crisis. Germany coordinates with western creditor countries that are members of the so-called Paris Club and provides information about lending in order not to repeat previous mistakes. "One of the very, very big ambitions that we are pursuing is to include China as a country that is issuing a lot of loans in a new way," emphasized Scholz.

There is a "really serious risk that the next major debt crisis in the Global South will come from loans that China has issued worldwide and does not have an overview of itself because there are so many players involved," warned the Chancellor. "That would then plunge both China and this global South into a major economic and financial crisis, and incidentally would not leave the rest of the world untouched." It is a serious concern to change this, said Scholz. The Chancellor mentioned the "Global Gateway" strategy as one of the European initiatives. The European Union wants to catch up with it and provide around 150 billion euros for infrastructure projects in Africa.

There was unrest at Scholz's performance when an activist tried to storm the stage. However, he was prevented from doing so by security forces and taken away. Another activist shouted "bullshit" when Scholz was talking about phasing out coal-fired power generation and the jobs that would be lost in opencast mining as a result. Scholz commented mockingly on the action with the words that he was not experiencing it "always from the same people" for the first time, it was a "practical acting performance". It's not a discussion, "it's an attempt to manipulate events for your own purposes." Scholz received thunderous applause for this.