Conflict: After Pelosi visit: China conducts maneuvers around Taiwan

The Chinese maneuvers around Taiwan are in full swing with target practice.

Conflict: After Pelosi visit: China conducts maneuvers around Taiwan

The Chinese maneuvers around Taiwan are in full swing with target practice. The Eastern Military Command of the People's Liberation Army said long-range shells were fired in the Straits of Taiwan that separates Taiwan from the mainland and east of the island on Thursday. State television reported that there had also been "precision strikes" in the East for practice.

According to state media, the ongoing Chinese maneuvers around Taiwan are aimed at a naval and air blockade of the democratic island republic. A possible military conquest of Taiwan is also being practiced with it.

The maneuvers, which will include missile tests and target practice, were ordered by the People's Liberation Army in response to US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's visit to Taiwan. The visit of the US top politician, who continued her Asia trip to South Korea on Thursday, had fueled tensions around Taiwan. It was the highest-ranking visit from the United States in a quarter of a century. Beijing reacted with outrage because it claims the island for itself. The communist leadership sees Taiwan only as part of the People's Republic. Beijing strictly rejects official contacts from other countries to Taipei and had vehemently warned against the visit. Taiwan, on the other hand, has long considered itself independent.

Baerbock: Don't look for any excuse for "military threatening gestures".

Federal Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock called for de-escalation during her visit to Canada. Visits like Pelosi's to Taiwan "must not be used as an excuse for military threats." A change in Taiwan's status quo "can only happen peacefully and with the mutual consent of all parties involved."

China's artillery also plans to hold long-range target practice in the Taiwan Strait strait that separates the mainland from Taiwan. Also, the center line drawn by Taiwan in the sea route is crossed, "which ceases to exist," according to state media. Eastern Command Vice Chief of Staff Gu Zhong said there should be practice blockade of the island, sea attacks, landings and airspace control.

The maneuvers are larger than in the "missile crisis" of 1995 and 1996, when China also sent missiles north and south across Taiwan's territorial waters to intimidate, Chinese military experts said. Even then, Beijing wanted to scare off the pro-independence forces in Taiwan by heating up tensions. At that time, the United States had sent two aircraft carriers.

Warning against dangerous miscalculations

According to Chinese information, the early announcement on Tuesday evening - immediately after Pelosi's arrival in Taiwan - should give civilian ships and airlines enough time to leave the maneuvering areas or change flight routes. The maneuvers, which started on Tuesday evening, should be fully resumed this Thursday.

A dispute could draw the USA militarily into the conflict. In the current situation, experts warned of dangerous incidents caused by miscalculations by the armed forces on both sides. The United States has committed itself to Taiwan's defense capability, which has so far mostly meant the delivery of weapons. However, US President Joe Biden has repeatedly said the US has an obligation to defend Taiwan in the event of a Chinese attack.

At her meeting with Taiwan's President Tsai Ing-wen the day before, US leader Pelosi also pledged US support. "We remain steadfast in our commitment to defending democracy around the world and in Taiwan." The visit of their congress delegation shows "that we will not give up our commitments to Taiwan".

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