Consumers: Bafög, employment contracts, end of vacation: August will bring that

The energy crisis still has Europe in its grip.

Consumers: Bafög, employment contracts, end of vacation: August will bring that

The energy crisis still has Europe in its grip. From August, the EU countries want to save gas for emergencies. It is still unclear exactly how this will affect consumers. In other areas, however, there will be concrete effects in the coming month - for example in employment contracts and investments. An overview:

Bafög reform

For students, trainees and pupils who receive student loans, numerous simplifications will apply from August 1st. The Bafög rates increase by almost six percent. In addition, there are higher allowances and higher housing allowances for those recipients who do not live with their parents.

employment contracts

From August 1st, more information must be recorded in new employment contracts. This concerns, among other things, details of payment - including overtime - or that employees can freely choose their place of work, if this has been agreed.

Measles vaccination requirement

Since March 2020, children who are newly admitted to a day care center or school have had to provide proof of measles vaccination protection. Proof of children and employees who were already in the facilities on March 1, 2020 must now also be available by July 31. Non-vaccinated children can be excluded from daycare from August 1st. The health authorities can issue an activity or entry ban against unvaccinated employees.

gas emergency plan

Because of the energy crisis, the EU countries want to use less gas from this month. An emergency plan provides for member states to voluntarily reduce national consumption by 15 percent in the period from August to March 31, 2023. How the goal is to be achieved is left to the states. With the plan, the EU wants to take precautions in the event that Russia completely interrupts gas supplies.

Sustainable investments

From August 2, investment advisors must ask customers about their preferences on the subject of sustainability and then present investors with suitable offers. The background is an EU directive.

beginning and end of the school year

"Back to the classes" will soon be the motto for schoolchildren in Germany. The boys and girls in North Rhine-Westphalia will be the first to return, starting August 10th. In Bavaria, the latest federal state, the holidays don't start until August 1st.

TV classics return from the summer break

In August, some TV formats will return from the summer break, such as some current talk shows from ARD and ZDF. The return of the ARD Monday talk "Hart aber fair" with Frank Plasberg is planned for August 15th, and that of Sandra Maischberger for August 30th. The first new “crime scene”, on the other hand, should not be available until September. The ZDF "heute show" will also pause until September.

Bafög reform Quota for women Measles vaccination Employment contracts

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