It should be a day of freedom. That was heard this weekend in Berlin again and again. Large before us: the beginning of a new Era. We should not allow ourselves to be no longer foreign to determine the “uniform media” and the government, “we have been a noose around the neck”. Courageous citizens were henceforth to the path of self-determination.

Hannah Bethke

feuilleton correspondent in Berlin.

F. A. Z.

“the end of the pandemic – The day of freedom” was the Motto of the protesters and Corona-deniers who gathered on Saturday in Berlin. Was one of the organizers, among other things, the Stuttgart-based movement “cross-711 state of mind”. The protesters do not want to be Virus-deniers, and it is called arguing, but any risk of the Coronavirus. You claim not to be a conspiracy theorist, but are convinced that the infection fake numbers and all journalists are bought, the Robert-Koch Institute, spread lies, and Bill Gates controls the German media.

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Tirelessly the mass chanted: “We are loud, because you are stealing our freedom.” The images of this protest day, speak a different language: some 20,000 people are moving through Berlin, with drums and chants, it allows you to demonstrate that you are angry, but peaceful, masks, no – and the police allows them for hours to Express their Anger. Looks like a non-free country? You should here nothing, says a woman who is seventy years old. The Wearing of the mask was terribly annoying, and the Local were all closed, and demonstrate, you should not also. But you do now? “Well, we make the just.” The Assembly no longer ban is in place and the bars have re-opened, not impressed with you. You know, the one who steals your freedom: the government and the lying press.

“cross-thinkers call” the determined protesters, and they are far from fulfilling all the negative expectations of their opponents. On the left extreme, right extreme, fascist and inhuman ideology in this movement, no space, is it at the rally. Quite so simple it is not, because some of the flags and banners from extreme right-wing circles are quite visible. Two women shrug their shoulders: “If a few extreme Right-wing mix, is the way it is, because you can do nothing.” Previously, you would not be interested in politics. The Corona of the time have you politicized. This is their first Demo, says one of the two to the fifty. Her friend agrees: “We are neither to the left nor to the right. We are a peace movement.“

From the stage, guitar music is actually reminiscent of old pacifist times of the echoes. In a duet, a man and a woman from the fear that make us sick and us back – a fear formidable to us, as someone says, “the selective negative Propaganda in this country,” to sing. And so fashionable at this place, also positive Thinking: “lateral thinking is for me, love, freedom, truth”!, one of the initiators of calls through the microphone. It’s going to be our “heart energy”. All the world should look with the heart, as it says in the book “The little Prince”. So, we could recognize that there is no pandemic. He see “quite a lot of children of the light” and finally: “This light, we wear today in the world. You are all part of this light.“

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What is it? A meditation course for beginners? It goes to their leaders, is not the way to enlightenment in any case, far. The bonds from the left of the culture of protest is not equal to the miss to. “Recognizing, awakening, change,” is on some T-Shirts; you would know it better, you might suspect it is also an emancipatory project of the Left. One of them carries a Transparent to see on the Gandhi. Another sings a Song with the Refrain: “The resistance is there, à la Che Guevara.”