of Course, each Corona can deny – you can deny the flu, or the existence of this state. Just makes him a liberal constitutional state. In the framework of the General, democratically set rules, you can Express any opinion and to demonstrate any purpose.

But the Corona-Demonstration of Berlin was outside the Law. This is not going to tolerate. The Assembly has been dissolved, to the right, one must ask, rather, whether or not it needs to happen in the future sooner – and why such events are not expected to from the outset with the compliance with the rules and requirements, be allowed. Of course: when In doubt, for the freedom. Especially in these times. But demonstrations, which is likely to be a tumultuous history is, Yes,this is positively intended, can not be tolerated.

Important is the debate on the pandemic and its consequences remains. But also who responds to the arguments of this remarkable mixture of citizens to demonstrate, as it were, under a flag against the Anti-Corona measures, the government and, apparently, a world conspiracy, it must find: The freedom never went away. And where it was restricted, it is already largely there. It’s never been a debate suppressed. At the same time, it is clear that the pandemic can be mitigated by distance and the protection rules. The rising Numbers have their reason in the fact that simple rules are not observed.