Crime: Anti-Semitism calls for hardship in hate crimes

Bodily injury from political hatred must be punished more severely, the government representative Felix Klein demands. Lastly, there were several attacks against Jews.

Crime: Anti-Semitism calls for hardship in hate crimes

The new anti-Semitism commissioned by federal government, Felix Klein, calls for a stricter approach against politically motivated violence. "We should consider punishing bodily harm, which was perpetrated out of motive of political hatred, sharper than usual," said Klein of world on Sunday. It is also necessary to take steps against anti-Semitic bullying in schools. This should "no longer be hushed up".

The government Commissioner demanded that defence of anti-Semitism and racism be subject of teacher training. "That should even be subject to examination," Klein added. Anti-Semitic crimes by Muslims have not increased since refugee crisis, he stressed. Neverless, it is also necessary to take appropriate stances in se circles.

Klein announced talks with Turkish Government on sending principle of imams. "We must take care of this and, if necessary, also check that all imams working in Germany are set for international understanding and anti-Semitism." Attacks and bullying at schools have led to worries among Germany's Jews over past few months.

On Wednesday, an assault on a Jewish scientist from USA occurred in Bonn. Yitzhak Yochanan Melamed from University of Baltimore was attacked by a 20-year-old German with Palestinian roots antisemitic. Melamed accuses intervening police officer of having overwhelmed, tied and beaten him instead. The North Rhine-Westphalia Interior Ministry and police acknowledged error and apologized.

Date Of Update: 16 July 2018, 12:02

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