Daraa: Tens of thousands of refugees return to southern Syria

Hundreds of thousands of people go back to their places of residence according to UN. They had fled from the offensive of the Syrian Army. There are occasional reports of other fights.

Daraa: Tens of thousands of refugees return to southern Syria

According to United Nations, most Syrians who had fled government's military offensive in province of Daraa returned to ir homes. In total, more than 320,000 people had fled last few weeks before bombings of Syrian Army. Many people would have camped without protection near closed Jordanian border. Now, according to Anders Pedersen, UN coordinator in Jordan, 150 to 200 people are stuck at an important border crossing to Jordan. It was almost exclusively men.

The Syrian Human Rights Observatory, based in United Kingdom, said that around 60,000 Syrians were back home. Thus, thousands more fled to anor area because y feared being detained by government forces. The observatory is considered to be well-connected and informed in Syria, but its reports cannot be independently verified.

According to Pedersen, Lageim south of Syria remains difficult. The care organization also shared that many families continued to live outdoors and urgently needed food, clean water and a roof over ir heads. Pedersen demanded access to area to reach needy.

Also, fights are not discontinued according to opposition activists. They reported heavy bombardment and air raids on rebel-held village around al-Majadin a few kilometres north of border crossing life. A few hours later, state news agency SANA announced that troops had taken village.

On Friday, after a two-week offensive, Syrian government forces had once again gained control of border crossing life and a strip along border between Syria and Jordan. The transition has been under control of rebels since 2015. Because of offensive of government forces, hundreds of thousands of people fled towards closed border with Jordan. On Friday, bombings and air raids were discontinued after rebels agreed to abandon border crossing under Russian mediation.

The main rebel groups in east of Südsyrischen Province of Daraa have approved a levy of ir weapons within framework of agreement imparted by Russia – but some want to continue fighting, mostly in West Daraas and in nearby region of Kunaitra. Syrian government forces are now checking all villages and towns in eastern part of province again.

In Daraa, uprising against Syrian ruler Bashar al-Assad began seven years ago.

Updated Date: 09 July 2018, 12:02

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