Darmstadt: Masked injure many policemen at Castle Moat

Masked have initiated a large-scale operation after the Castle Trench fest in Darmstadt. 15 police officers were injured, more than 80 suspects were arrested.

Darmstadt: Masked injure many policemen at Castle Moat

In Darmstadt, after a music festival, policemen were attacked out of a collection of people. 15 officials were injured. More than 80 suspects were arrested, police shared with m on Sunday morning. Investigative procedures have been initiated against m, for example, for land invasion. Motive and origin of perpetrators are still unclear, said a police spokesman.

After end of Moat Festival at about 2 o'clock, forces were suddenly pelted with bottles, it was said. The attackers were, according to data, partly mums and also damaged objects, such as a Used clothing container and window panes. With help of police officers from surrounding towns, federal police and a police helicopter, fairgrounds in Manor Garden could be cleared and rampage closed.

According to organizers, four-day Castle Moat Fest is Hesse's largest music event with more than 400,000 visitors. There are more than 100 bands at free Open-air event.

Date Of Update: 03 June 2018, 12:02

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