Dead refugees in the cooling truck: Smugglers sentenced to 25 years in prison

71 people were suffocating 2015 in a cooling truck. Four men are now held accountable for this: a Hungarian court has imposed long prison sentences.

Dead refugees in the cooling truck: Smugglers sentenced to 25 years in prison

In process of death of 71 refugees in a cooling truck, four main defendants have been convicted. The Court of oath in Hungarian Kecskemét saw guilt of men as proven. It imposed for murder and trafficking prison sentences of 25 years each.

Three Bulgarians were convicted – driver of truck, driver of an accompanying vehicle and a Organisatior – and a man from Afghanistan who, according to Hungarian Public Prosecutor's Office, is head of Schleuerbande. The process had been opened about a year ago. The prosecutor had asked for life sentences for accused. Or men were accused of receiving prison sentences between three and twelve years.

On August 27, 2015, Austrian police had discovered cooling truck on roadside of A4 motorway to souast of Vienna. The day before, tractors were left with vehicle of sourn Hungary. The truck's fully overcrowded cargo space had been hermetically sealed, even cooling was not connected. After three hours at latest, Menschenim cargo space was painfully suffocated, it said. The dead came from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq, with eight women and four children.

The process had been carried out in Hungary, as refugees, according to reviewers, had still died on Hungarian territory. The judgments of Court are not yet valid.

Date Of Update: 15 June 2018, 12:02

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