Democrats report $14 million in fundraising for February

Sources with knowledge of the numbers say that the DNC had its best February ever thanks to major donors and Biden engagement.

Democrats report $14 million in fundraising for February

According to two sources with knowledge of the fundraising activities of the Democratic National Committee, the Democratic National Committee raised more than $14.4million in February. This is the highest February total in DNC history.

The February total included more than $7million from large donors. This was almost twice the internal high dollar goal. One source called it "the best February in major donation history." One source says that many donors opened their wallets in February after having not given in 2021.

According to sources, major dollars slightly outpaced grassroots cash, which was $25 on average,

NBC News received the numbers before next week's deadline.

One source stated that major donor fundraising had taken off as evidenced by our February goal being doubled. "As the vice president and president start to host more events in person, we will continue breaking major donor fundraising records for this year."

This news comes just as President Biden hosts his first ever in-person fundraiser Monday night in Washington. Biden's fundraising involvement has been limited to video calls and supporters since he took office during the pandemic.

After a difficult period between Jaime Harrison, DNC Chair, and the White House, the fundraising boost is a bright spot. Since then, the administration has taken steps to improve relations. even arranged a White House meeting between Harrison and Biden .

There are indications that Biden has a direct effect on larger numbers. According to one source, 50% of all grassroots fundraising revenue was generated internally from signed emails or texts sent by the president, first wife, vice president, and second gentleman.

One source said that some donors are also reengaging after taking a break from the 2020 election. They become more aware of the possible policy and political repercussions. Some expressed concern about how a majority change of Congress could impact the handling of Ukraine and voting rights.

Source said that "we're seeing a lot more donors who didn’t give last year but are now giving." It's many things. People are concerned about voter suppression. They fear that working-class people will suffer if they lose the majority. They will try to reverse the trend, but you can't do much. It will end in an ugly situation.

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