The initiative, condemned both by the president of the RN group at the Palais-Bourbon, Marine Le Pen, and by the president of the party, Jordan Bardella, led the executive office of the National Rally, the highest authority of the nationalist movement, to sanction of a reprimand on March 24. Marine Le Pen confirms to Point the resignation of the deputy but specifies that it is in no way linked to the inauguration of the mosque: “The decision to reintegrate unvaccinated caregivers allows Joris Hébrard to resume his job as a physiotherapist . For family reasons, the rhythm of the National Assembly was complicated for him. This decided him to resume his place as mayor of Pontet. »

The parliamentarian, elected in June, would have enjoyed little media attention like that of his peers following this affair, report several sources within the RN group at the National Assembly. Asked by the press, the elected official, who is also a member of the Foreign Affairs Committee and vice-president of the France-Turkey friendship group of the National Assembly, has so far always refused to react. His entourage, at Pontet, continues to assume the participation of the deputy in this inauguration. “Joris Hébrard totally assumes. Why would he refuse to go to the inauguration, when, as a parliamentarian, he can be received at the Turkish Embassy? The Turkish community is part of Pontet, it is dynamic, it has many entrepreneurs ”, estimated at Point his collaborator Xavier Magnin.

Within the coordination of the RN group, we are assured that we have not pushed the deputy to resign. “The truth is, he felt this was all going to end badly. And then he was bored in the Assembly, “says an RN deputy. “What a waste,” lamented another.

To avoid causing a by-election in his constituency and thus risk causing the National Rally to lose a seat as a deputy, Joris Hébrard is not going to resign stricto sensu from the National Assembly. But first of all to be re-elected mayor of Pontet, a mandate he has held since 2014 and which he had entrusted to his first deputy, Patrick Suisse, when he entered the Palais-Bourbon. Non-accumulation of mandates obliges, his deputy, the lawyer Catherine Jaouen, will thus be able to take over alongside the 87 other RN deputies, in accordance with the Electoral Code. Particular vigilance with regard to the inaugurations in mind…