Discrimination: I had the exotic bonus

As a black woman, the Rassismusdebatte affects me MeTwo. In addition to the negative, I also know the positive discrimination. We should institutionalize them.

Discrimination:   I had the exotic bonus
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    MeTwo is doing well. Because of course Germany has a Rassismusproblem. I have heaps of personal MeTwo stories in stock: As a black German, I am resisting after many bad experiences with right-wing extremist trips to Usedom. If I sit in first class on train, train crew will automatically accept that I was mistaken in wagon. And since I'm a mor, I'm often kept for nanny of my bright-skinned daughter.

    But I have experienced discrimination in opposite way: almost ten years ago I completed an internship in editorial office of a major newspaper. Except for me, re was anor intern. He came like me fresh from journalism school, but unlike me he was masculine, white and not a notorious too-late-comer. I got all great jobs, was allowed to write in great stories and implement my own ideas. The or intern was allowed to cook and copy coffee despite almost identical qualification.

    Sometime a colleague told me why: I would have exotic bonus. The crew of leaf was quite homogeneous: male, white, 40 to 55, married. There were only two women among about 30 editors – and I was not only a woman, but also black. At same time I was so German (German native speaker, raised in West German province, no headscarf) that no one has gefremdelt with me. My non-Biogerman appearance gave me advantages. I was discriminated positively – probably only because editorial team wanted to decorate with a black one. Even if that didn't feel right: I benefited from it.

    Good migrant, poor migrant

    However, a desirable migrant is much more likely to have some of this rar random, non-institutional positive discrimination than undesirable. For example, Asians are considered to be well integrable and powerful, Muslims do not. Norrn and Western European migrants are seen as a profit, Turkish and Arab as a burden. This starts in early childhood: if kindergartens have a problem because more than 90 percent of children are not native speakers of German language, this is usually a synonym for speaking Turkish or Arabic. Twitter user Anna Banana summarizes following: "Mom in a crawl group speaks English with child (native speaker). All delighted: "of Subba Yes. Languages sen yes so wichdig. " I'll tell my child something in Croatian. "Meinsch NET, it would be better to erschdmol him properly Deitsch beizubringe?"

    In professional life it becomes even clearer. German companies hardly use linguistic potential of millions of people with Turkish or Arabic roots. On or hand, in tech start-up scene, it is perfectly normal for entire workforces to communicate only in English when individual engineers and developers from United States, Asia or European countries are on team.

    In or countries, re are institutional measures to positively discriminate against disadvantaged population groups. In US, this principle is called affirmative action. For decades, it has been practice to take into account ethnic affiliation of students in field of admission as well. The method goes back to civil rights movements, which should counteract effects of segregation and, in particular, compensate for disadvantage of African Americans.

    Date Of Update: 11 August 2018, 12:00

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