Dresden: Pegida-protester works for Saxon state Criminal Police Office

Journalists should not film him, demanded a Pegida demonstrator and brought the police. Now it became known: he is employed by the LKA of Saxony.

Dresden: Pegida-protester works for Saxon state Criminal Police Office

The protester, who verbally attacked and displayed a ZDF journalist team during a Pegida demo in Dresden, is a collective worker of Saxon State Criminal Office (LKA). Today, LKA has informed Saxon Ministry of Interior of ministry.

In film recordings of FRONTAL21 journalists it is to be seen how a man with sunglasses and Germany hat runs through picture, stops and ZDF team responds: "Stop filming Me" and "you commit a crime". The cameraman replies, "Go on." The man, however, remains standing and becomes louder. The summoned police officers n, according to ir own data, hold a three quarters, but without mentioning reasons.

According to Ministry's communication, employee was not on duty after information from LKA at this meeting, but had taken part in previous assembly as a private person. He is currently on vacation.

Pegidawirkt-Saxon police officers make mselves executive of Pegida/AfD supporters and hinder TV team that turns for @ZDF @Frontal21. Here's an excerpt, police action lasted about 45 min. Newspaper colleagues from Dresden reports of similar incidents. Pic.twitter.com/m1erCDU9WJ

— Arndt Ginzel (@GKDJournalisten) August 18, 2018

The LKA will decide on possible consequences if process has been clarified and person concerned has been consulted on incidents.

"It goes without saying that every citizen in our country has right to freedom of expression. However, I expect all servants of my department to make a correct appearance at any time, even if y are privately held in public and voiced, "said Interior Minister Roland Wöller (CDU).

ZDF editor-in-chief Peter Frey had described police action as a "clear limitation of free reporting". Wöller and Dresden's police president Horst Kretzschmar rejected accusations of obstruction of reporters and police cooperation with Pegida demonstrators. The Public prosecutor's office in Dresden now has an advertisement against police. On Friday re will be a conversation between ZDF reporters and police.

Date Of Update: 23 August 2018, 12:00

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