Drug trafficking: Estrosi wants to avoid a "Marseillaise" situation in Nice

Christian Estrosi sets the tone

Drug trafficking: Estrosi wants to avoid a "Marseillaise" situation in Nice

Christian Estrosi sets the tone. The mayor Horizons of Nice, denouncing "the inertia of the government", announced this Wednesday an action plan for the sensitive district of Les Moulins, whose dealers "are trying to take control", in order to avoid his city a "Marseillaise" situation.

According to the mayor of Nice, traffickers from Bouches-du-Rhône and more particularly from Marseille, would try to "take control of the Moulins". Everything must be done "to avoid a Marseille-style situation", quoting the sentence of the prefect of the Alpes-Maritimes, Bernard Gonzalez, on Monday. Speaking to Agence France-Presse, Christian Estrosi justified this action plan by "the inertia of the government and the Minister of the Interior" Gérald Darmanin, whom he would have nevertheless alerted "on multiple occasions ".

This announcement comes after the broadcast of a video shot on March 24 by a resident of the district and showing a man apparently carrying a weapon of war, video retweeted on Sunday by Éric Ciotti, LR deputy for the Alpes-Maritimes.

In the district of Les Moulins in

Christian Estrosi first intends to "reinforce the video protection network" at the entrances and exits of the district, to "try to identify and follow dealers and consumers": "From Thursday, ANPR cameras (automatic license plate reading registration, Editor's note) will be installed, making it possible to provide evidence to the police. »

As a bonus, the mayor of Nice will propose on April 14 to the city council to bring together voluntary donors "to hire private security agents". These agents, 24 in number by the end of the year, "will make up for the lack of staff of the national police, will make rounds at the Moulins, will monitor the buildings and the stairwells", detailed the former pilot. He assures that "60% of dealers in Les Moulins are illegal immigrants", recently proposed the creation of a "temporary" administrative detention center with 60 places, which would be added to the current Nice CRA and its 40 places: "But I didn't get an answer from Gérald Darmanin," he lamented.

Regarding the video of the Moulins, the prefect of the Alpes-Maritimes recognized Monday "a war of territories", but assured that the State had "not given up".

Thus, since March 24, various operations at Les Moulins have led to the arrest of nine people and the seizure of four weapons and drugs. As for the situation in Nice, it remains very far from that of Marseille, where 14 people have lost their lives, against a background of drug trafficking, since the beginning of the year: in Nice, the last settling of accounts "goes back to December 24, 2021 in Las Planas,” another sensitive area of ​​the city, he said.