Election Day 2021: Lehigh Valley Race Highlights, Where to Vote, Mail-in Ballots

Another Election Day is upon us. On Nov. 2, voters across the country will cast their ballots.

Election Day 2021: Lehigh Valley Race Highlights, Where to Vote, Mail-in Ballots

2021 is a non-election year. There are no races for the presidency or Congress, but there are still elections that should be watched.

Perhaps you've already cast your vote via mail-in ballot. Good job! You can relax and wait for tonight's results. Or, you could check the link below to your state's election tracker.

If you have any questions or need to vote, please contact me. Do I need ID? Which races can I vote for? We'll be happy to help you find the right way.

Who is running?

New Jersey voters are choosing the next governor and the entire state legislature. You can find your legislative districts here. The courts are the most prominent races in Pennsylvania.

However, there are still many local elections and school board races that require voters' input. Don't forget your civic duty!

These are the links to highlighted and contested races in your county.

You can find more local coverage at lehighvalleylive.com/elections. For statewide election news and updates, check out our sister sites at pennlive.com/politics (and Spotlight PA) and nj.com/politics.

The League of Women Voters Vote411 website allows you to see the ballot questions and other measures. General information about elections can be found at the New Jersey state department and Pennsylvania state department.

Can I still register for the vote?

No. No.

Can I vote in person?

If you have not yet submitted a mail in ballot, yes. The polls open at 6 AM in New Jersey and 7 AM in Pennsylvania. They close at 8 PM in both states. Anybody who is online by 8 p.m. can still vote.

I have my mail-in vote. How do I return it?

Perhaps you intended to use early voting but forgot. Maybe you misplaced it or didn't receive it. It's okay. You still have options for Election Day, even though it's too late to send your ballot.

Your mail-in ballot can be delivered directly to the county election office. Your mail-in ballot can be dropped off at a drop box in your county. You can also drop your mail-in ballot in a county drop box.

You can cast a provisional vote at your polling station even if you don't possess your ballot. After verification by the county, a provisional ballot will keep a record of your vote.

Mail-in ballots must be received by 8 p.m., election night.

Updated Date: 02 November 2021, 14:30

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