Federal Ministry: Horst Seehofer gives patronage for neighbourhood award

The organizers had distanced themselves from Seehofer's statements on refugee policy. Seehofer described the accusations against him as discreditable.

Federal Ministry: Horst Seehofer gives patronage for neighbourhood award

Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) has given his patronage for German neighbourhood prize. For this office he is no longer available, tweeted his ministry. The step followed on critics of organizers of prize, Nebenan.de Foundation. She had published a communication three days ago, in which she dissociated herself from statements of Seehofer in refugee policy. These were not compatible with ir "principles of tolerance, compassion and openness", foundation wrote. Previously, two initiatives had rejected ir nomination for prize with reference to Seehofer.

Seehofer wrote in an open letter to Managing Director of foundation, Michael Mann, that he had been agreed to tolerance, compassion and openness. The statements made were discreditable.

Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer lays down his patronage for German Nachbarschaftspreis. He has personally informed Organiser @ meinEngagement today. Pic.twitter.com/7gUA82kDhS

— Federal Ministry of Interior, for construction and Homeland (@BMI_Bund) August 2, 2018

Talks were offered to two initiatives that had been withdrawn from ir nomination, Ministry of Interior continued to inform. The Berlin initiative Moabit helps and Cologne association Wielebenwir had justified ir rejection with Seehofer's refugee policy. "It stands for a policy that divides society, which relies on foreclosure and refuses to help people in need," wielebenwir shared in an opinion.

"A regrettable signal to civil society"

In a first reaction advocated Moabit helps decision of Seehofer to give up his patronage. The critics of organizers were justified by Seehofer's "antihumanistic" statements, said chairman Diana Henniges. It is sad, however, that interior Minister Stilisiere as a victim, shared initiative on Twitter.

The Nebenan.de Foundation regretted decision of Minister of Interior. "We consider retreat of Horst Seehofer to be a regrettable signal to civil society," said man in Berlin. With award of prize, his foundation had opened up space for dialogue between committed initiatives and patron. Not to enter this room now, we take note with disappointment. "

Seehofer had taken over patronage for German neighborhood Prize in March 2018 by his predecessor Thomas de Maizière. Since 2017, prize has been awarded for initiatives and projects that are committed to a tolerant and vibrant neighbourhood.

Date Of Update: 03 August 2018, 12:00

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