Federal police: Migrants want to go to Germany with purchased maps

The federal police warns that migrants are trying to enter the EU under a false name. German refugee status is therefore particularly popular.

Federal police: Migrants want to go to Germany with purchased maps

Confidential documents of federal police show that more than a thousand people annually try to fly to Germany with ir tickets. According to picture on Sunday, officials 2017 alone at Greek airports discovered 1,682 people who issued an EU identity card with a false name, of which 1,418 with German ID.

The Mirror had already reported in April that refugees from Syria and Iraq are increasingly leaving Europe and are selling ir German identity documents beforehand. The federal police warned in a confidential analysis of a flourishing trade of identities on net, it was said n. "In particular, German travel documents are offered for sale in social media," news magazine quoted from paper at time.

As picture on Sunday furr reports, federal Police and Federal Criminal Police Office also complain that false identities are not recognized in many German authorities. They lacked necessary equipment with a special software.

Date Of Update: 16 July 2018, 12:02

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