Fire attack in Kremmen: Four and a half years in prison after attack on refugee home

The main culprit of the attack on a refugee shelter in Kremmen has confessed to have thrown Molotov cocktails. He wanted to hunt down people 34; a horror 34;

Fire attack in Kremmen: Four and a half years in prison after attack on refugee home

The District Court Neuruppin has sentenced a 29-year-old due to attempted severe arson to a refugee accommodation in Kremmen to a prison sentence of four and a half years. The 35-year-old co-defendant was sentenced to a suspended sentence of two years. The District Court considered it to be proven that two men had made a criminal offence due to a joint attempted heavy arson.

With verdict, court remained clearly under request of Prosecutor. For 29-year-old because of attempted murder, she had demanded a custodial sentence of nine years and three months. For 35-year-old accomplice, she had requested a penalty of four years and three months. The judges in verdict eventually saw assassination attempt.

A incendiary was not lit

At Easter 2017, main defendant had thrown two incendiary sets on fenced-in accommodation north of Berlin. At that time, 70 refugees lived in building. His companion had planned deed, but should not have thrown any incendiary sets. Security staff were able to delete a incendiary immediately, second did not fire. No one was injured in attempted fire attack.

In trial, main culprits had thrown two Molotov cocktails. According to a court spokeswoman, he stated that he wanted to "scare" inhabitants of city. The attack is one of most serious of year.

Overall, number of attacks and hostilities against refugee homes is on decline. The Federal Criminal Police Office counted 2017 close to 300 corresponding offences, most of m committed by legally motivated perpetrators. As a result, number of strokes fell to around one quarter from previous year. In years of strong refugee influx 2015 and 2016, re were about 1,000 attacks each. Asylum seekers are increasingly being attacked outside home.

Date Of Update: 06 July 2018, 12:02

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