Flensburg: Horst Seehofer dismays over knife attack in intercity

A knife attack in Flensburg station deals with the federal Interior minister. A cop had shot a man, she and a passenger were injured.

Flensburg: Horst Seehofer dismays over knife attack in intercity

Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) has commented on a knife attack on a train in Flensburg. "Both injured are my deepest sympathy and I wish m a hopefully quick recovery," it was said in a statement from Ministry of CSU politician shortly after incident on Wednesday evening.

"Violence must never be tolerated, wher it is directed against population or against police," says Seehofer. It was "an important concern for security in Germany". The minister offered to land of Schleswig-Holstein any help he wanted.

The knife attack occurred at about 7pm in IC 2406, which is just coming from Cologne to station of Flensburg import. As picture reported, a train attendant had asked about loudspeakers for police on board because of a dispute between two men. As a result, a fellow police officer reported and tried to settle dispute. One of men should have stabbed or with a knife before he even attacked cop.

According to police, 22-year-old n used her firearm. According to report of Bild newspaper, which refers to a police spokesman, official was not on duty, but travelled in uniform on train. "This is nothing out of ordinary, policemen are allowed to train in uniform and are also armed", speaker is quoted by newspaper.

The background of incident is unclear. The police did not provide furr information on participants and Tatmotiv. According to information from German press agency, re were no indications of any Islamist-terrorist background. A spokesman for federal Police also said: "I do not know a terrorist background."

After incident, Flensburg railway station had been temporarily vacated, but n accessible again. The access roads were also closed in meantime, and train traffic to Flensburg was interrupted. Federal police, state police and criminal police were on site. The prosecution and Kripo have now taken over investigation.

Date Of Update: 31 May 2018, 12:02

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