Floods in Japan: number of deaths increased

The Japanese authorities have confirmed 87 deaths due to severe storms. The rain has abated, but the danger of landslides continues.

Floods in Japan: number of deaths increased

In severe storms in Japan, at least 100 people died after government data. According to this, re are 87 confirmed deaths, and anor 13 people without signs of life were found until Monday morning. 68 people would be missing – especially in Hiroshima region, government spokesman Yoshihide Suga shared on Monday. After extreme rainfall, flooding and landslides had occurred, and area around city of Hiroshima was hit particularly hard.

Seven deaths were found in morning in flooded residential areas of city of Kurashiki in west of country, reported news agency Kyodo News. According to government, a total of 54,000 rescue forces are in use, including soldiers and police.

The storms moved over a large area, so an assessment of missing and victim numbers is difficult. In addition to south of main island Honshu, southwestern islands of Shikoku and Kyushu are also affected.

In morning, rains in most severely hit areas left for time being. The wear service lowered alarm level for affected areas. However, authorities warned against landslides, which could occur even after rains had been abandoned.

The heavy rain had been used on Friday and had become more violent over weekend. Rivers came across banks and flooded entire towns and villages. Millions of people had to leave ir homes. According to wear Service, 263 millimeters of rain fell within three hours in a region of Kochi Prefecture. This is highest value since beginning of corresponding records in year 1976.

Updated Date: 09 July 2018, 12:02

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