France: Riots in Nantes after a lethal police mission

After deadly shots of a man, there have been clashes between policemen and adolescents in France. Cars and a shopping mall burned.

France: Riots in Nantes after a lethal police mission

In French city of Nantes, after killing of a young man, re have been clashes between officials and Molotov cocktails-armed youth, as French media reported. In district of Breil, cars were lit and a shopping centre was partly set on fire.

The prosecutor of Nantes, Pierre Sennès, described situation in Breil in evening as "very restless and confusing". Furr police forces would be expected to be strengned in district.

The young man between ages of 20 and 30 was previously taken in control of a policeman's bullet and killed his injuries, it was said from matching sources. According to prosecutor's office, circumstances under which man was killed are currently being investigated.

From police circles, young man was injured in police control, where he was in a vehicle. According to him, he was to oppose instructions, n he deliberately "reset" to a police officer who n made use of his weapon. The young man was supposed to have been hit at carotid artery and died in hospital of his injuries.

Date Of Update: 04 July 2018, 12:02

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