Gabriel Attal unveils his measurement schedule

After the main points, it's time for the details

Gabriel Attal unveils his measurement schedule

After the main points, it's time for the details. The Prime Minister, Gabriel Attal, unveiled his calendar and roadmap on Saturday February 10 in Le Parisien, after having brought together his entire government in the morning in Matignon, in full since Thursday.

“There will be no downtime for action,” he says. Taking up and specifying the broad outlines of his general policy declaration, as he already did on France 2 on Thursday, the Prime Minister outlines what his action will be over the seasons: "Starting this spring we will resolve several emergencies", then there will come a “summer of social progress” and an “autumn of work.”

Faced with an agricultural crisis as soon as he took office, he announced that he would receive farmers' representatives again at the beginning of the week. On the economic level, he promises to "lift one by one the shackles that restrain the French" and announces that a draft "Macron 2 law" will be presented before the summer "to liberate economic activity, growth and industrial development”.

A two and a half hour government seminar

The fight against drug trafficking is also one of the priorities with the announcement in March of a “new anti-drug plan” aimed at medium-sized towns. In response to last summer's riots, Mr. Attal is also planning "measures on juvenile justice [in order] to adapt our sanctions to the youngest" for the spring.

Another measure: the modification of the Solidarity and Urban Renewal (SRU) law, which sets quotas for social housing in certain municipalities, will be presented before the summer. For the start of the school year, the Prime Minister announces a bill “for Act II of labor market reform”. He promises to move forward on the subject of solidarity “at the source”: “At the very end of the summer, we are going to experiment with pre-filling the activity bonus and RSA application forms to fight against fraud and non-recourse. We will generalize it by 2025,” he says.

Among all the measures exposed, Mr. Attal returns to the time spent on screens, which President Emmanuel Macron has made a priority, to announce his intention to “work with the platforms on a real digital lock” which prevents minors under the age of 13 to access social media.

In the morning, Mr. Attal brought together almost all of his 34 ministers for a two and a half hour seminar, with the only one missing the Minister of the Armed Forces, Sébastien Lecornu. After a month-long reshuffle period which dragged on to produce an executive without many new faces, it was for Mr. Attal to show a "government pack" which is "at work", according to the words from Prisca Thevenot, the government spokesperson.

“We are really in action,” affirmed Ms. Thevenot at the end of the seminar, ensuring that Mr. Attal’s “approach” consists of “listening, dialoguing and also following the decisions that have been put in place.”

“We must now be sure [that the measures] are in the daily lives of the French [and say] in transparency, in honesty, but in responsibility, where it worked and where we must be able to review the copy if there is needs,” Ms. Thevenot said.

Avoid “repeated seizures”

For the Prime Minister, shaken just after his appointment by the agricultural crisis and the teachers' revolt, and this week by the attacks of the historic ally of the President of the Republic, François Bayrou, it is a question of regaining control of the story at the start of this mandate. “If we do not impose our own political calendar ourselves, we expose ourselves to repeated crises,” we explained to Matignon.

After the seminar, several ministers immediately went into the field, like the Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin, who went to Besançon (Doubs) to present an assessment of the 155 “clearance” operations carried out over the past few years. last four months nationally. According to him, this dismantling of drug trafficking led to more than 1,270 arrests and the seizure of two tons of drugs.

The minister will fly to Mayotte on Sunday with the new Minister for Overseas Territories, Marie Guévenoux, to address the security crisis and prepare an operation “Wuambushu 2”, “against delinquency and illegal immigration”.