"Go to hell": Melnyk insults the author of the appeal as a loser

Once again, the Ukrainian ambassador has intervened in a public debate with insults.

"Go to hell": Melnyk insults the author of the appeal as a loser

Once again, the Ukrainian ambassador has intervened in a public debate with insults. This time, the call by celebrities for a negotiated solution to the Ukraine war has upset Andriy Melnyk. But he has to take it himself.

The Ukrainian ambassador to Germany, Andriy Melnyk, has denounced the authors of the ceasefire appeal as "pseudo-intellectual losers". In the "Zeit" prominent figures, publicists and scientists called on western governments to find a "prompt negotiated solution". Melnyk's response on Twitter: "All of you Varwicks, Vads, Kluges, Prechts, Yogeshwars, Zehs

Among other General a. D. Erich Vad, philosopher Richard David Precht and TV presenter Ranga Yogeshwar had published the article in the weekly newspaper entitled "Armistice now!" signed. In her opinion, Western governments should do everything in their power to ensure that the warring parties Russia and Ukraine "come to a negotiated solution in the near future." A "major diplomatic offensive" is needed.

Melnyk received clear criticism for his tone on Twitter. He himself should go to hell, replied a user. "We have freedom of expression and everyone is free to say what they think," wrote another. However, military expert Carlo Masala from the Bundeswehr University in Munich had already criticized the content of the appeal. Signatories were demanding things without presenting solutions, Masala noted on Twitter. It is rightly pointed out that this "regional war" has many global consequences. "But there is only one cause: Russia. It's not the war per se, but Russia's war strategy." For a diplomatic solution, there must be incentives for both sides. And Russia will "allow every concession on its part to be gilded dearly, very dearly".

The appeal states that Ukraine has so far been able to defend itself against the "brutal Russian war of aggression", also thanks to Western economic sanctions and arms deliveries. However, over time it becomes increasingly unclear "which war aim is associated with them". After all, a Ukrainian victory including the reconquest of all occupied areas - including Crimea - is considered unrealistic by military experts, and Russia is militarily superior. "Continuing the war with the goal of Ukraine's complete victory over Russia means thousands more war victims dying for a goal that seems unrealistic," the signatories conclude.

In addition, the consequences of the war are no longer limited to Ukraine. "Its continuation is causing massive humanitarian, economic and environmental emergencies around the world." In Africa, for example, there is a risk of famine with millions of potential victims. In addition, there would be rapidly increasing prices and a shortage of fertilizers. All of this could lead to a "destabilization of the global situation".

In May, celebrities around Alice Schwarzer questioned the arms deliveries to Ukraine in an open letter. At that time, Melnyk wrote on Twitter: "Nothing learned from history. Sad." For example, he became clearer to Chancellor Olaf Scholz, who had hesitated for a long time to travel to Kyiv after Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier had been virtually uninvited. Melnyk therefore called Scholz "offended liver sausage" - later he apologized for his choice of words.

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