Göppingen: Rejected asylum seeker lights up

An Iranian came to the district of Göppingen and showed his rejection, then he lit up. With serious injuries he was flown to the hospital.

Göppingen: Rejected asylum seeker lights up

Apparently, in protest at rejection of his asylum application, an Iranian himself set fire on eyes of staff of Council of Ministers of Göppingen. The 35-year-old had suffered serious injuries, police told Baden-Württemberg. It was said from district advising that man acted in firm intention of taking life in this way.

The events in office's foyer had been dramatic, said financial head Günter Stolz. "The cries of wounded have heard many." The concern is great. The office was proud to have been partially evacuated and n closed to public prematurely.

According to competent police headquarters in Ulm, Iranians entered district court at noon and asked two employees for help. He had shown m a rejection of his asylum procedure. The women would have promised help. Neverless, Iranian had pulled a bottle out of his backpack, poured himself with a liquid and n lit it.

According to police, anor employee of authority suffocated flames with towels. The severely injured was taken to a hospital with a helicopter.

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Date Of Update: 30 May 2018, 12:02

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