Guy Reffitt was the Jan. 6th rioter who went to trial and was found guilty of all charges

Five charges were acquitted of the first Capitol defendant.

Guy Reffitt was the Jan. 6th rioter who went to trial and was found guilty of all charges

WASHINGTON -- Tuesday's verdict found the first Jan. 6 defendant guilty of all charges relating to the attack on the U.S. Capitol.

Guy Reffitt was convicted for all five charges against him. He attempted to storm the U.S. Capitol with a gun and zip-ties . After only two hours of jury meetings, the judge informed them that they had reached a verdict.

After a weeklong trial during which Reffitt's son, Jackson Reffitt testified, jurors began deliberating Tuesday morning. Reffitt had tipped off FBI about his father prior to the Jan. 6 attack. According to the elder Reffitt, the prosecution argued that the defendant had "lit the match" at the Capitol's west side, where many of the most violent attacks on law enforcement took places. Reffitt is seen in video leading the mob to the Capitol steps, while a blue jacket covers his waistband. This was also where Joe Biden was inaugurated.

Reffitt was left to talk to his lawyer while he fiddled with his mask after the unanimous verdict of the jury. Reffitt was sentenced by Judge Dabney Friedrich on June 8, at 10 a.m.

Steven M. D'Antuono was the FBI's Washington Field Office assistant director. He stated that Reffitt had "opted to put his loved ones through a painful trials" rather than "take full responsibility for his actions at U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6.

"Today's guilty verdict at the Jan. 6 jury trial should serve as a reminder to others who committed crimes on Capitol Hill that these are serious offenses and that the FBI will do everything necessary to hold them responsible," D'Antuono stated in a statement.

Nicole Reffitt was the wife of the defendant and told reporters that her husband had been convicted. She also said that the verdict was "against all Americans" and that she planned to appeal.

Nicole Reffitt stated, "This fight is just beginning." "Guy was used today as an example to get all 1/6ers to plead guilty. Don't plead guilty, 1/6ers. Do not. This is what we got."

The defendant was the most convincing evidence against Donald Trump supporter. Reffitt, both before Jan. 6, and again after that date, recorded himself talking in different forums about his plans and actions. Reffitt even boasted about his conduct during a Zoom call, which he recorded. The government later found the recording on an external hard drive.

In connection with the Jan. 6, attack, more than 750 people were arrested. Hundreds of additional cases are currently in progress. More than 200 defendants were already sentenced.

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