Hamburg: Hamburg Airport must cancel further flights

After the blackout, Hamburg airport is still out of service. The bug is to be fixed, but the airlines have cancelled the first flights for Monday.

Hamburg: Hamburg Airport must cancel further flights

At Hamburg airport, which had to operate on Sunday due to a power failure, it will also occur on Monday to impairments. On Homepagedes airport, more than a dozen FürMontag flights were already listed on Sunday evening. It was airlines that "decide wher a flight Stattfindetoder be cancelled," airport shared.

Because power outage caused several machines to no longer land in Hamburg since Sunday morning, Konntenauch not all aircraft will remain on airport premises overnight and be made ready for Monday. On Sunday evening Warzunächst is unclear wher it is possible to start and land again on Monday.

The airport "Helmut Schmidt" in Hamburg was paralyzed on Sunday by a power outage. "We are forced to stop flying for day," airport spokesman on Twitter shared with us. The buildings were thus completely cleared.

Update, Booth 16:00 pm: The airport is forced to set up flight operations for present day. It has not been possible to fix error. Hamburg airport needs redundant power supply to perform a secure flight operation. (1/2)

— Hamburg Airport (@HamburgAirport) June 3, 2018

(2/2) We apologize to all concerned passengers, collectors and relatives. Please contact your airline directly for information on transfer bookings etc.: Https://

— Hamburg Airport (@HamburgAirport) June 3, 2018

After a short circuit, flight operations had been discontinued at 10 o'clock. In afternoon it was clear that no flyers could start or land for rest of day. Overall, operator had to delete more than 160 starts and more than 170 landings, a spokeswoman for airport told. Thus, 30,000 passengers were affected by consequences of power failure.

Hamburg airport to operate due to power outage after a blackout, Hamburg airport had to cancel all flights on Sunday. About 200 arrivals and departures are affected by blocking. © Photo: Daniel Reinhardt/DPA

"We are very sorry for all passengers and collectors that we were forced to set up flight operations," said chairman of management at Hamburg Airport, Michael Eggenschwiler. In meantime, however, it has been possible to correct error. When flight operations can be resumed is unclear. "We are working to ensure that we are in operation tomorrow morning," said Eggenschwiler in NDR.

The passengers were supplied with drinks and food. Field beds were set up for those people who have to spend night at airport. According to operator, Hamburg airport is derfünftgrößte in Germany every year with more than 17Millionen passengers.

Date Of Update: 04 June 2018, 12:02

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