Hamburg: Hamburg Airport resumes operation

A power outage had put the Hamburg airport out of service on Sunday. Now the first pilots start again – albeit with delay.

Hamburg: Hamburg Airport resumes operation

After a power outage at Hamburg airport, company started sluggishly again. The first five flights to leave airport on Monday morning were all cancelled. Ors are late. Ten arrivals and 23 departures from a total of 214 on and off flights were still cancelled, orwise everything would run largely normal, said an airport spokeswoman.

The blackout had completely paralyzed Hamburg airport on Sunday. After a short circuit in main power supply, flight operation was initially stopped at 10 o'clock. In afternoon it was clear that no planes could start or land for rest of day. Overall, operator had to delete more than 160 starts and more than 170 landings, a spokeswoman for airport told. More than 30,000 passengers had been affected by flight failures.

Update 4:50 pm: Our systems are currently being powered up. Check-in and suitcases in our terminals will be possible from around 5 o'clock. Until n, we ask you to be patient. Thank you very much.

— Hamburg Airport (@HamburgAirport) June 4, 2018

DerFlughafen and German Red Cross set up field beds in SogenanntenTerminal Tango, about 90 people spent even ir night, according to airport. Ors would have stayed in hotels or would have accepted offer of residents to spend night with m. The helpfulness was high, said an airport spokeswoman.

Hamburg airport to operate due to power outage after a blackout, Hamburg airport had to cancel all flights on Sunday. About 200 arrivals and departures are affected by blocking. © Photo: Daniel Reinhardt/DPA

With more than 17 million passengers, DerHamburger Airport is fifth largest airport in Germany each year.

Date Of Update: 04 June 2018, 12:02

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