Hamburg: Prison sentences for rapists of a 14-year-old in Hamburg

In the case of the group rape of a 14-year-old, there are new judgments. Instead of probation sentences, several perpetrators were now given prison sentences.

Hamburg: Prison sentences for rapists of a 14-year-old in Hamburg

Three of five defendants in case of group rape einer14-year-olds in Hamburg-Harburg have been zuFreiheitsstrafen convicted in revision process. They had received 2016 suspended sentences from Hamburg District Court in October.

A 17-year-old at that time received a juvenile sentence of two years and nine months, a three-year juvenile sentence for offence was committed 14-year-old. After fact, both were once again noticed several times by criminal offences. The judges now condemned perpetrators in second procedure to two months nine months in prison and a three-year juvenile sentence.

The only adult accused, a 21-year-old man, had received a four-year imprisonment in first trial. He was now sentenced to four years and six months.

The Federal Supreme Court had abolished some of penalties originally imposed. The district Court had to decide anew.

With particular brutality

The presiding Judge Anne Meier-Göring said in her statement of judgement, "DieGefühllosigkeit this deed has not only shocked us but also DieÖffentlichkeit". The defendants are "not people who have a normal value framework" – y would rar have "in emotional as in social terms highly deficit personality structures – so sad it is to pronounce this". The Board also makes it clear that it was "by no means a matter of occasion for party action."

The condemned had first drunk girl on 11 February 2016auf a birthday party and raped Danngemeinsam with particular brutality. Anschließendlegten The 14-year-old at temperatures around freezing point with underwear dressed in backyard. Hätteein neighbor DasMädchen not found, it would possibly have froze.

Einemitangeklagte, offence was committed 15-year-old teenager had filmed DasTatgeschehen with her cell phone. The victim's girlfriend gave SogarRegieanweisungen when to introduce object into victim. She was sentenced to a suspended sentence, as was anor 16-year-old party. The 16-year-old had shown only remorse, judge said.

Date Of Update: 07 June 2018, 12:02

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