Hamburg: Thousands protest for the release of the G20 demonstrators

One year after the G20 summit, the left scene reminded the meeting. Almost 3,000 people moved with techno music over the hill – this time peacefully.

Hamburg: Thousands protest for the release of the G20 demonstrators

Hamburg's left-wing scene has recalled several actions to conflicting meeting of leading industrial and emerging countries a year ago. On Saturday night, according to police, about 2,300 people gared at new horse market; The organizers spoke of 3,000 participants. They moved to midnight accompanied by techno music through Hill quarter. Previously, around one hundred people had participated in a bicycle demo.

"So far everything has gone peacefully," said a police spokesman. The officials expected a trouble-free course. There was no large contingent of security forces on streets.

Organizers criticize cessation of proceedings against police officers

"Let our people finally go free and stop chasing G20 protesters to last corners of Republic, while all proceedings against policemen who have beaten us are discontinued," asked Emily Laquer of interventionist left at a Rally. The organization, toger with red structure, was instrumental in mobilizing violent leftist extremists for G20 protests in Hamburg, according to constitutional protection.

Interior Senator Andy Grote (SPD) had recently warned left scene of new riots. "I'd rar make a bow around Hamburg," he said. Mayor Peter Tschentscher (SPD) said on Tuesday a warning to red flora: "If re is violence out of red flora, n we go in re."

The summit of world's major economic powers in July 2017 had been overshadowed by massive riots. Rioters lit numerous cars and attacked several patrol cars. According to recent information from police and fire brigade, 797 police officers were injured in operation. Interior Senator Grote quantified damage in public space with 200,000 euros, by private owners with 10.8 million euros.

Date Of Update: 08 July 2018, 12:02

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