H.R. McMaster on U.S. handling Ukraine crisis - "The Takeout!"

CBS News' national security and foreign policy contributor H.R. McMaster and Major Garrett, chief Washington correspondent of CBS News, discuss the Russian invasion in Ukraine.

H.R. McMaster on U.S. handling Ukraine crisis - "The Takeout!"

McMaster, who was the former national security advisor to Donald Trump, stated that any actions the U.S. would take in case of millions of deaths, it should "take them now". McMaster said that U.S. officials should stop talking about the possibility of World War III, as it is a play into Vladimir Putin's hands.

McMaster stated that his advice to the U.S. leadership would be to "If you don't want to do it", just stop talking about it. McMaster claimed that the U.S. and its allies had not disclosed what they would do. This McMaster stated "inadvertently gave greenlight to what Putin is doing right now". He told Garrett that the U.S. had assured Putin that there would not be a no fly zone and that U.S. forces would not enter the war. Also, that U.S. diplomatic activities in Ukraine would cease.


Should the U.S. do more in order to stop Russia's aggression against its neighbors? We should declare Russia a state sponsor for terrorism. I believe that is what they are doing. I think Vladimir Putin is a pariah. Putin is mass-murdering innocent people every day. We can be sad, we can cry about it. But we must do something about it.

World War III Potential: "This, is what Putin's trying. He pulled out his nuclear sword... and rattled it. Putin did this because it was part of their doctrine. This is a way Putin believes he can achieve his objectives below what might provoke a concerted reaction from the United States, the European Union, NATO and the rest of the world. We must not allow him to use nuclear weapons to continue mass murder in Ukraine... Every time we say... World War Three... we accept his narrative. This is his doctrine of escalation and domination.

Zelenskyy addresses Congress: "I believe he is emerging as, you know... the galvanizing figure our age... we've been in denial regarding geopolitics... and you know what? history, geopolitics, is back with avengeance right now."

No-fly Zone over Ukraine: "Probably everyone agrees that one should exist. However, war comes with risks. Because war is interactive, and the enemy can decide what happens next. Major, I'd say that we are willing to watch as many people die. There could be as many as a million deaths. There could be 10,000,000 refugees... So I think we should immediately do whatever we can to prevent 1,000,000 deaths.

No fly zone in Ukraine: Why are we talking so much about what we don't want to do? If you don't plan to do it, then just stop talking about it. So I believe that some of the things the Biden administration did before the invasion almost gave the green light to Putin's actions. Now he is assured that he won't be implementing a no fly zone. They won't challenge the Black Sea. Right? They won't reduce their troops. They won't keep their advisors there... You know, why did you evacuate everyone from Kyiv? Why did we do this? Right? Three brave leaders from European countries took a train to Kyiv. We evacuated all our people. Churchill stated that after Dunkirk, "hey, you know, it’s great for us all to high-five each other, however evacuations don’t win wars. So, I believe we should have created more problems for Putin and stopped listing all the things that we aren't going to do."

The changing relationship between Russia, China: We need to hang this -- Ukraine -- around the necks of the Chinese Communist Party, because they, you know, helped facilitate it. Anyone who doubts this, just look at their statements right now... The Chinese Communist Party propagates some of these conspiracy theories and untruths about biological weapons. These were developed by the Ukrainians as well as the United States. Any site that refers to it as a war in China is taken down. Think about the 5,000 word statement that Xi Jinping released just before the Olympics. They are each other's best friends... They also spoke about a new era in international relations. The United States is dead, you know that. The West is over. Europe is over. We must stop allowing ourselves to be subverted by maintaining normal relations with China's Communist Party.