Hungary: Asylum seekers in transit zones get food again

According to human rights, Hungarian authorities tried to bring asylum seekers out by denying them food. Now they are to be supplied again.

Hungary: Asylum seekers in transit zones get food again

According to Human rights, Hungarian Migration office has ended controversial practice of starving refused asylum seekers in transit zones at border with Serbia. "Those affected will be back to normal," said Andras Lederer of Hungarian Helsinki Committee. Asylum seekers were affected in two so-called transit zones directly on Serbian border. The office refused to give m food supplies, citing new laws.

The Helsinki Committee was drawn before European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) in seven cases. The court obliged Hungarian Migration office to provide food for those affected.

"The Hungarian Helsinki Committee welcomes positive turn", it said in a communication from organisation. Without a change in "bad, inhumane legislation", however, uncertainty and danger of starvation persisted.

The Committee accused migration Office of forcing people through hunger to leave country before trial had expired. Since y are allowed to leave transit zones only to Serbia, y would have had no or way of supplying mselves. Children of affected and a nursing mor would have received food, but had been separated from ors during meals in order not to be able to share food.

Since 1 July, Hungary has been subject to an increased asylum law. It classifies Serbia as a safe third country. Those who enter Hungary from re, whose asylum application is now automatically rejected. Human rights organisations criticise this rule because it violates international humanitarian law. Among or reasons, EU Commission has accused Hungary of European Court of Justice.

Date Of Update: 24 August 2018, 12:00

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