"If Putin is guilty, the West is responsible": Eric Zemmour facing his contradictions

Unable to renounce.

"If Putin is guilty, the West is responsible": Eric Zemmour facing his contradictions

Unable to renounce. This is the posture described by Éric Zemmour's competitors when they discuss his strategy in the presidential race. Follower of provocation, the nationalist candidate has made several mistakes in his campaign, the middle finger to a passerby with controversial remarks on the treatment of disabled children. With always great difficulty in recognizing his error. In recent days, it is on the Ukrainian subject that Éric Zemmour has persevered. A few weeks ago, he said again that he did not believe in Vladimir Putin's intention to invade Ukraine. Six days after the start of the war, the President of Reconquest has already issued two press releases, called a press conference, participated in several media outlets, to silence accusations about his closeness to the Russian leader.

On RTL, this Monday, Eric Zemmour first admitted that he was wrong, saying that Putin did not want to declare war on Ukraine. Before persevering in his hallway. Although he "condemns" Russia's aggression on Ukraine, he nevertheless considers that the main responsible for the situation are NATO and its member countries, due to the international policy they have pursued in recent years. Eric Zemmour, who still dreamed of a "French Poutine" a few years ago, has made his choice, that of the third way, and plays the tightrope walker, claiming to be a defender of "peace". "Putin is an authoritarian democrat," he argued, when asked about the excesses of the Russian leader. He is also in disagreement with the decision of the European Union to supply arms to the Ukrainian population. "A rise to extremes is harmful, we must not add war to war and must act as a peacemaker," he justified on RTL.

With regard to Ukrainian refugees in France, the candidate defends the policy of "zero reception", even taking the opposite view of Marine Le Pen. “Compassionate policies are great, but above all it does us good, supports an adviser to the former journalist from Le Figaro. Ukrainians want to go home.” The Zemmourist line is therefore, there too, clear: to help Poland to welcome the Ukrainians by financial means, and to allow the refugees to remain "as close as possible to their country to facilitate their return at the end of the conflict". Marine Le Pen, for her part, indicated that she was in favor of welcoming war refugees, in accordance with the Geneva Convention. “Of course it is easier to howl with the wolves and to put oneself, like everyone else, in a martial position against Russia, continues this same adviser. But we wish to be able to dialogue, and find a concrete solution. to avoid war in the heart of Europe." "He says he is in favor of peace, but who is he kidding? Whistles a right-wing observer. No one is fooled!" In truth, the Ukrainian conflict puts the far-right candidate above all in the face of his contradictions, and imposes on him a clarification of his convictions in matters of international relations.

“Eric Zemmour actually believes that Ukraine in its current form is historically destined to disappear, and that the series of crises that have been going on for 15 years are above all the responsibility of the United States, Vladimir Putin being perceived as the protector of the greatness of his nation", deciphers the historian and specialist of the extreme right Nicolas Lebourg. A positioning which is explained by the special place that the Russian president holds in the imagination of a certain hard right. For several representatives of the latter, he would embody the tutelary figure of the defender of the West, in the face of "threats from American imperialism and radical Islamism". The hope, in short, of a less unipolar, less multicultural world against stronger national sovereignty.

During the strategic meeting organized on Monday morning, Eric Zemmour's teams therefore agreed on their strategy: they will not move from this line. “If Putin is guilty, the European Union and the United States are clearly responsible, assures a member of the teams. The objective is therefore not to fight Russia at all costs, but to find by all means a ceasefire and get everyone around the table to reach a new agreement." A position defended during the meeting with Jean Castex, which took place this Monday, with the other presidential contenders. “Conflicts are always tragic and terrifying, assures an adviser to the nationalist candidate. We take positions of sensitivity, compassion, which blur the look and often do not help to find pragmatic and rapid solutions. is the interest of NATO, America, or France, it does not matter, what counts is the interest of the populations.

At the RN, the eyebrow is raised in front of such a justification. "Eric Zemmour would therefore be so subject to Russia that he would be ready to put national interests behind those of Putin?" Dares a member of the campaign team.

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