LFI MP François Ruffin criticized on Monday the government’s choice to “generalize” the OQTFs (obligations to leave French territory), defending on the contrary better targeting to make them “much more effective”.

“By making hundreds of thousands of OQTFs which are for the most part not applied, you give up targeting the people who most disturb public order,” said the deputy for La France insoumise on France inter.

Generally speaking little on the subject of immigration, he therefore pleaded for “an OQTF policy which is much more targeted and much more effective”.

Otherwise, he observed, “we have people who are left in rotten hotels, to whom we grant subsidies to survive and who potentially could be a force for wealth creation for our country.” As such, he criticized the “administrative maze” faced by asylum seekers.

Rejecting all the far-right terminology on the risk of “invasion” or “overwhelm” of migrants while an influx of arrivals last week on the small Italian island of Lampedusa surprised Europe, François Ruffin recalled that “in proportion, if France took its share, that would be around a thousand people”.

As many refugees will need to be welcomed, “in an organized, supervised manner”, by providing for them “language training and then training in a profession so that these people can work”, he maintained. .

“We have a country to transform to face the climate shock, that requires a lot of work,” explained the MP, referring to agriculture, transport and housing.

Without ruling out voting in early 2024 in the Assembly for the government measure on the regularization of undocumented immigrants in professions in shortage, included in the broader immigration bill, he nevertheless refused the principle of “selected immigration”. As it is practiced “today in a certain number of sectors”, it maintains low wages and poor social conditions, he estimated.

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