Integration: The Super German

The immigrant should be thankful, perform, quietly pray and not complain. Otherwise he'll get in trouble.

Integration: The Super German

What does this summer do with migrants in Germany, with old and new?

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Small inventory of an atmosphere whose degree of hardness has reached its provisional climax with resignation of Mesut Özils from national team: one of first acts of interior minister was to assure that Islam does not belong to Germany. This is particularly easy if no Muslim is found far and wide – for example, among cabinet colleagues. It is harder to claim loyalty from Muslims at same time.

In Dresden chanted citizens at a meeting of Pegida "Drown! Drown! "in chorus. They meant ship mission Lifeline, which was wandering around for days in Mediterranean.

On or hand, home-chic fantasies, which many Germans had with regard to Turks citizens after Turkish presidential election, seem almost harmless. Just like indignation of former federal president Joachim Gauck about lack of knowledge of German in migrants, which in turn found many fluent German-speaking migrant children hurt.

When a migrant like Özil suddenly has power and wields it-n he is out

I guess it's going to go on like this. Soon new book by Thilo Sarrazin will be published. He once coined name "headscarves" for German citizens with a headgear. Meanwhile, it has become quiet around him, but that does not matter, because "headscarf girls" have already made it in Bundestag speeches thanks to AfD. There is excitement that a representative of this party wanted to "dispose" of a German minister in Anatolia and that time of National Socialism for a "bird-scared" is almost forgotten. This is not a good summer for Germany.

The atmosphere elsewhere (re are also problems): In Canada, defense minister is a Sikh and looks like that. After racist attacks on a player, Swedish national team closes behind attacked team-mates. At present, this seems unimaginable. What happened? Were we not already on integration – and indeed all?

Felt anyway yes. But now migrants no longer do what y are supposed to do, this creates anger. The one get into boats and just come here because y want to live (or just survive). The ors, who have been re for some time, do not abide by unspoken goal agreement that y should become better Germans: one-ABI, study, super-job, taxes honestly pay, two children maximum. They should be diligent and successful so that y can be shown. The migrant should always walk around with an unwavering commitment to Western values in his pocket, which also includes a secure appearance against authoritarian regents. He never complains about racism. And most important thing: he should exercise his religion in such a way that it does not disturb, preferably invisible. But please also don't be in backyard mosques where a lot of evil happens. So invisible and transparent, a kind of Woodstock Islam would be nice. Eternal gratitude and loyalty to Germany must not be mentioned specifically.

The migrant is an everlasting projection surface, he should be super German, which German German is not and never was. And if he is not good, but suddenly has power and exercises himself, as Özil, n German will be spoken very quickly. Then he's out.

No matter how one stands to Özils concrete action: This process should also disturb all or "new Germans", wherever y are socially or politically. In any case, if völkisch think about how it is propagated by parts of AfD and ir followers, progress continues. Then none of new here has a place. Then re are no good or bad migrants – y are all foreigners. Every citizen who gives this party his voice should be aware of this. And ask yourself who is probably after foreigners.

This summer is not a good one for integration in Germany. Hopefully autumn will all cool down a bit again.

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Date Of Update: 26 July 2018, 12:02

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