A big change is brewing in hospitals. A change that awakens fears and questions. But the Minister of Health wanted to be reassuring on the subject. The turn of the screw on the salary of interim doctors from Monday April 3 will not cause “dry closures” of hospital services, assured Monday morning François Braun on BFMTV-RMC.

“We are working with the ARS (regional health agencies) and have solutions for the first three weeks of April. There is no service that will close dry, thanks to the mobilization of establishments, doctors” and “territorial solidarity”, he added.

Since Monday, hospitals can no longer pay temporary doctors beyond 1,390 euros gross for twenty-four hours. The government decided to enforce a cap that has existed since 2016 but had never actually been implemented.

“We follow the case twice a day, the schedules (of the hospitals) are filled, assured François Braun. I have no doubt that many temporary workers will return. »

In a tally at the end of last week, the National Union of Hospital Replacement Physicians (SNMRH) identified 167 departments “threatened with imminent closure” in around a hundred hospitals in France.

Services threatened with closure or operational disruptions are often very sensitive services for local elected officials and the population, such as maternity wards, emergencies or operating theatres.

“There have been excesses in the interim,” François Braun said on Monday. It is a system of commodification of health that must be condemned and that is what I am fighting against. »

“It’s a system that must be condemned”: François Braun (@FrcsBraun) on the end of the interim bonus at the hospital pic.twitter.com/Xnf41gFUgK