Investigation: died in Köthen was seriously ill

Investigators have confirmed that the deceased in Köthen had a malformation at heart. He probably wanted to settle the dispute between Germans and Afghans.

Investigation: died in Köthen was seriously ill

In case of 22-year-old who died in Kön, investigators continue to conclude that kicks or blows caused death of man. This was said by head of public prosecutor Dessau-Roßlau, Horst Nopens. The cause of death – contrary to many speculations – is a heart attack. This is now also documented with Feingeweblichen investigations.

The heart attack refore goes back to a congenital malformation of heart of 22-year-old. The Director of Institute of Forensic Medicine of University Hospital Halle, Rüdiger Lessig, said that dead man had been "seriously ill". The man could have come to a fatal heart attack because of his heart disease at any time.

Saxony-Anhalt's attorney general Jürgen Konrad said that it was not task of public Prosecutor to assess individual evidence in isolation from media. It is only at conclusion of investigation that re can be an overall show of evidence. Allegations that prosecutor's office was negligently investigating, he rejected. Investigators stated that not all results could be made public at present time, as this could endanger investigations.

Deceased wanted to be plain

According to current state of investigation, re was a dispute between at least two Afghans and at least two Germans in Kön. The man who died later had to intervene in quarrel, but n went to ground by a slap in face and died from heart attack. Since n, two Afghans have been in custody because of suspicion of bodily injury.

On Sunday evening, about 2,500 people had participated in a demonstration in Kön, among m according to security authorities about 500 right-extremists from Saxony-Anhalt, Lower Saxony and Thuringia. On Monday evening up to 550 people had come toger for anor rally. Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) was dismayed by a video in which a group of men in this context calls, among or things, "National Socialism now!". The police have initiated twelve criminal proceedings, partly because of suspicion of sedition.

Updated Date: 13 September 2018, 12:00

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